House Plants: Advice, Pics, Sell and Trade

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  • Thinking about that plant made me wonder if it is a pothos or is in fact a nearly identical philodendron - turns out it is a philiodendron!

    That said, the other plant I have near the aforementioned palm and peperomia is a pothos, and is also doing well. Both have a reputation for being very hardy and unfussy in a wide range of environments apparently.

    Bonus mention for the maranta/prayer plant, another one which has been doing well despite being out of direct light and not too far from a radiator.

  • Thought I would show my current bedroom crop (there are more around the house too but just small ones)

    This one has lovely purple colour underneath the leaves, does anyone know what it's called?

    @tinakino might give you some inspiration on plants that would work for you.

    I'm also growing a load of stuff that's not really houseplants but there inside currently. Once they are big enough they will be moved out to the greenhouse.

  • Like this

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  • Nice collection!

    What’s the one by the bed?

  • Can't tell if joking...

  • Thanks for all the inspiration @timbre -definitely some nice ones you have there (and everything's looking pretty healthy!), my favourite probably is the rubber plant with the big leaves (also cool stone picture in the frame next to it).

    By the way I think the leafy one that goes purple will go even more / completely purple if it gets a lot of sun!

    Oh and also strong growing game you got going on there - I started 20 chili plants indoors this winter, but unfortunately most died because of plant lice (aphids?) so there's only four of them left. Need to put up some pics in the chili thread..

  • Oh yeah! Absolutely no idea what's going on there. I know next to nothing about plants though.

  • Fanks, stone is one of my prints, shamelessplug.jpg

    A rubber plant sounds like it would suit your needs although they don't like the light that much (hence the burned bits on mine where it was once briefly near a window)

  • It is however a massive pain to figure out whether a pot is the right size to nest well.

    I just take my cover pot to the nursery, I've tried measuring in the past and still got it wrong, I've found this method to be (almost) idiot proof...

    I've also started putting my plants outside when it's raining, much better than giving them tap water...

  • Is this a sign of some disfunction? Or normal growth?

  • I have some brown tips on my prayer plant. It's in otherwise good nick what am I doing wrong?

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  • lack of humidity, it's very hard to keep them brown tips/edges free, misting helps but some being misting doesn't work. I take mine into the bathroom when I shower maybe once or twice a week. About to get a humindifier soon.

  • A trip to the bathroom it is!

  • it can get a bit annoying after a while though, the constant moving... that's why I am getting a humidifier... they can be had for about a tenner on ebay/amazon. Will report back if/when I get them.

  • Pepperomia is happy

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  • Got three basic plants from the garden centre, to enliven my flat - but what are they and would they prefer light or shade?

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  • Thinking about that plant made me wonder if it is a pothos or is in fact a nearly identical philodendron - turns out it is a philiodendron!

    Yea, I went ahead and bought some the other day - and read up on it later (for anybody that's interested: Pothos vs. Philodendron: What's the Difference?)

    Still loking for a Golden Pothos one, alas it seems that now that the big garden centers that have them are open again where I live everybody and their mother is storming them and it's crowded as fuck, I'll wait (on a sidenote people actually sell off plants like this via local classifieds as well but are asking for obscene amounts of money)!

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  • Oh and also I got this one, a Dieffenbachia - thought it's beautiful, hope it's ok with the medium amounts of light..

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  • The taro has sprung back into life after a rather unhappy winter (lack of sunlight I think).

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  • The patterns on the leaves are amazing

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  • did you plant one sold for eating or is it different?

  • Bought it from a garden centre last year for some obscene sum (£30 or so). During the summer and autumn it puts up a new giant leaf every few days or so. Loads of runners too which so far I've failed to grow plants from but I'll have another go this year.

  • Really beautiful leaves indeed 🥰

  • Woah, that's gorgeous, will definitely be getting one of those

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House Plants: Advice, Pics, Sell and Trade

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