House Plants: Advice, Pics, Sell and Trade

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  • At this stage I’ll do anything to get ride of them. I have a handful of various types of carnivorous plants but they are a bit of a lazy fuckers.

  • Do you guys take your plants out for a bit of sun bathing in the garden (if you have one)? I am thinking about it but then I worry they might attract all sorts from the garden when I bring them back inside.

  • I usually do it a couple of times in the summer but it’s more for a mass repot or cleaning effort - I figure if they’re happy where they live in the house then it’s OK.
    I pulled our Tradescantia out of the bedroom today and realised it’s got huuuuge, I might try to propagate half a dozen pieces but I’ve got gardening jobs coming out of my ears.

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  • That's pretty funky. I do like a nice coloured leaf. Any idea what variety it is? I have a perfect spot for one of them if it can handle relatively low light conditions.

  • That looks so happy!

  • Just saw this. Mind me asking How much sunlight yours gets? Mine started off astonishingly well, then this winter most of the leaves browned and fell off. Not it's looking pretty spartan. leaves all limp.

  • Actually I came across the care sheet being used as a bookmark the other day, Tradescantia Zebrina. Ours is in a very sunny position but gets plenty of water and once repotted it’s gone nuts.

    @hoefla thanks, possibly too happy hence the haircut. And a pic of what it looked like a year ago...! Seller only lives a couple of roads away.

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  • Sounds like it might work. It'd be in the far corner of a small south-facing room with the Venetian blinds permanently down but ajar so the Maranta doesn't get scorched. Might give it a try. Cheers.

  • This might be an obvious question - what potting mix do you buy? Like what brands?

  • I’ve always been happy with the Houseplant Focus Repotting Mix.

  • picked up lots of seeds and cuttings from @hoefla yesterday, very kindly donated in exchange for one measly jade plant cutting from me - thank you again! got me thinking: would anyone be interested in a once-monthly (or even less frequent) forum seed and cutting swap? meet up somewhere nice and outdoors, have a drink/picnic, trade seeds and cuttings? i have yet more jade plant cuttings that are about to sprout, and some mini-monstera-which-is-actually-not-a-mo­nstera-at-all propagating in some water. won't be ready for a while yet, but something to look forward to. or is an "as and when" approach better for people

  • here's my pothos which desperately needs repotting and a haircut and i'm avoiding:

  • That’s great. If it grew that way over lockdown at the same time as your hair, there’s a funny video in there somewhere.

  • Sounds like a nice idea.

  • Hi

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  • Just noticed this the other day. Will be nice to see it grow, not seen one before. The nectar/dew drops are amazingly sweet.

    Was also going to ask for tips on splitting a snake plant, but I might leave the flowering one alone. I have another where there are three in one pot. Is it just as simple as remove from pot, gently split around the roots, repot?

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  • Anyone know what this is?

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  • Some type of narrow leaf ficus?

  • Ficus Longifolia? I bought one for my studio/office the other week, very pretty indeed, I was instantly smitten when I saw it... I don't even like house plants...

  • Here it is as a placeholder for a large Monsteria in our currently very barren front room... 🪴

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  • wood coaster on wood table yo

  • Does anyone have any experience with Oxalis triangularis, aka false clover? I've planted some in a pot in my home office, and while it's looking pretty vigorous and flowering splendidly, it's supposed to be purple and it's definitely still green. I'm wondering if the leaves will turn purple in the fullness of time, or whether they've sent me the wrong variety.


    Small plants sale - works out about £13 for 6 inc delivery.

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House Plants: Advice, Pics, Sell and Trade

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