House Plants: Advice, Pics, Sell and Trade

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  • christmas cactus just about living up to its name

  • I just stick a giant storage box in the garden as I don’t have access to the rain draining pipes...

  • My mango seed after 4 weeks!

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  • What the prognosis for this poor fella? It had a bad case of mealy bug over the summer that I cleared but it's looked like this since the autumn.

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  • Just bin the part on the right and it looks alright I'd say

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  • Ha yeah that’s the first part of the plan but it looks very miserable compared to it’s twin

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  • How's your money plant? Mine is flourishing in the brightest spot on the kitchen windowsill. It gets watered once a fortnight with some Baby Bio, if that helps.

  • anyone have any advice on getting ride of scale insect other than spraying every inch of the plant in neem oil or picking them off one by one?

    I have a large indoor palm with them, tried picking them off for months, think you have them done then they're back again.

    hoping for some sort of insecticide that can be mixed in with watering and sucked up by the roots, is there such a thing??

  • My avocado (grown from the stone) is kicking off! Must like it's new home.

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  • I was given a desert rose just before christmas. It was not looking very happy. Instructions said keep it dry in winter. After a couple weeks I watered it a little bit and it perked up. I watered it a bit more. Now it's looking sad again - leaves drying up and going yellow, and the fat bit of stem is shrivelling a bit. Poking around in the soil it's pretty dry but not bone dry - the stem doesn't seem mushy just soft/shrivelled. It's where I work so I can keep an eye on it - which is probably too warm for it to go dormant, it's in a west facing window but that's probably not really enough light in January.

    Should I - keep it where it is, try watering it again?
    Or move it somewhere cooler, no water?

  • it's okay but not great :(

    i thought you are meant to save the babybio for the spring, might give it a go ...

  • Nice plant!

    Also nice canon camera, and nice knight photo : )

  • If you like the photo, you should see the oil painting...

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  • And unfortunately the camera needs a small repair so not getting used at the moment!

  • If you like the photo, you should see the oil painting..

    ..ha! Amazing!

  • This is my parents massive cactus. They bought it about 38 years ago from Newcastle university. We think it is about 65/70 now. Grown so much in situ that it can never leave the house now as it is about 2m tall and 2.5 wide!

    We last repotted about 15 years ago. it was an 8 person job. One of the arms got a little nick out of it when we were doing it, and it turns out the cactus has some kind of self defence method. Everyone's eyes and throats started clamming up and we had to leave the house for a few hours!

    I have never had a conventional xmas tree when I have been home to newcastle. But when your cactus is so sweet, you dont miss them!

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  • That's a big lad. They've kind of let it have it's own room? That would take up about a third of my flat in London.

  • Could anyone help me with a prognosis on what's wrong with this plant please?
    When I bought it 18 months ago it had maybe 10 big 6-8 inch leaves on it, they've now all shriveled up and fallen off only to be replaced by these much smaller ones and a section of the main trunk has done likewise.
    It seems a bit leggy to me too which I thought meant not enough sun but I didn't think it was supposed to have too much!

    Any help very much appreciated!

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  • We have one of those and found that it doesn't do well in direct sun, but loves plenty of indirect light. A north-facing window is ideal. It's really hardy though so should come back nicely

  • I've got a similarly sad plant. Tried it in a few places but can't get it back to full health.

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  • Thanks - I've just moved house that that picture isn't its usual spot, I'll try moving it around between rooms and see if it likes anywhere.

    Should I be feeding it anything? All my house plants only get water & the soil they're in, but the soil must run out of nutrients eventually?

  • Maybe a couple drops of plant food twice a year. Be aware that begonias are notorious for having a short life span, after 2-3 years they'll resist your resuscitation attempts with more and more vigour until they conk out. You could try to take cuttings and grow a new plant if it's approaching that age

  • I had one of these at work, plonked it on the water dispenser so it got watered daily and had no direct sunlight, it thrived like this for years.

    can you do me a favour and tell me what it is please? I can't remember

  • I've stuck it somewhere less sunny, but maybe I need to move it somewhere even darker.

    According to the website on the label its a Dieffenbachia.

  • This succulent (maybe an echeveria? I'm rubbish at names) is sending up a flower shoot. It's been in a cold room and kept pretty dry over winter so why isn't it still hibernating?
    Will it die after? It doesn't have any siblings or babies so that would be a bit sad. Hopefully not. A hen and chicks flowered and died a couple years ago and the chicks are still tiny and have never taken on properly.

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House Plants: Advice, Pics, Sell and Trade

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