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  • I feel like it's too tree-like and I want something with bigger leaves.

    How about ficus lyrata then?

  • Taking cuttings: is now a bad time to do it? I'm currently living with a mate who has a number of nice plants i would like cuttings from. I move back to my place in Feb. What's their likelihood of success on a bright bathroom window in winter? Cheers

  • If you are in or near Nunhead, Camberwell or Elephant and Castle. I highly recommend going to visit them!

    I told them earlier this week they are worse, much worse than drug dealers for me. Everytime I walk pass, my legs have a mind of their own, they walk me into the shop and I ALWAYS walk out with a new plant! The worst shop in Camberwell!!!!! 🤣 I love them, really lovely people and they keep moving where the plants go so it’s like a little treasure hunt everytime I go in! 🥰🥰🥰 And I am soooooo glad the don’t have to close this month!

  • Not an expert but I’d say it’s not a good time. I cut off a few baby spider plants 6 weeks ago and they are barely growing. And spider plants are meant to be super easy to propagate...

  • What's their likelihood of success on a bright bathroom window in winter?

    It depends on the kind of plant really, you should check what they are exactly and google the conditions they prefer - or just give it a shot?
    Bright bathroom window is fine!

  • definitely a contender :)

  • Looks like some kind of bromeliad. They can have a change of colour on the top growth so it might not be a problem

  • jul 20 last year

    this week with the little baby in the front of the pot

    i took a bramch off at the bottom ( you can see the stub in the photo ) to use and the little plantlet has grown up in the gap, wonder if that's a way to promote growth of the little ones, they grow to fill the gap ?

    excuse the monstera in the back, it's been in the same pot and same soil without any nutrients for nigh on 18 years, it needs re invigorating

  • thank you for the reply - I know the location is fine because that's where the donor plants are growing at the moment and they're flourishing. It's more the question about taking cuttings in winter vs spring/summer?


  • I am sure the parent plant does not really care whether you take cuttings now or in two months, and I would also believe that it will not make much of a difference for the cuttings themselves.

  • Poinsettia: we have one from last Christmas, we have had it out all year and its thriving.
    Leaves are green, how does one turn them red again?
    I vaguely remember being told darkness, anyone know what to do?

  • Anyone tried to plant a mango seed? Got 3 mangos in the fridge and thinking giving it a go. Seems easier than avocado...

  • Definitely bromeliad. The mum dies after it flowers so you have to save the pups. Looks like you’re at the death stage. Any pups?

  • The fiddle fig is way more fussier than a rubber or monstera. Large pothos on a moss pole could be good. I have a Cordyline fruticos which is large and nice. Philodendrons have great leaves.

  • We ended up giving our Aloe away when it got to that size, such an awkward plant to keep.

  • Mrs c00ps' jade plant has gone very leggy (a single stem of three in the pot has shot up about a foot and a half over a few months with no side branches at all). She's been keeping it in a north-facing bathroom window, but that side of the house is shaded by trees. It is also in a very small pot, to try to keep it small-ish. Any way to stop it trying to become Jack's beanstalk? My first though is it is a light thing, rather than pot size or anything else - amirite? Do you prune these at all? I have no idea.

  • Light yeah, it needs a good couple of hours of full sun to stop it going leggy. You can prune them back if they get out of hand, and it’s pretty easy to propagate a new jade plant from the cuttings.

  • No idea what you mean....

  • Cutting the top off will encourage it to side shoot and the main stem should also get fatter. Use leaves and tip from the bit you cut off to propogate baby plants.

  • Ace. Thanks @Eejit and @hoefla. Will move it and sort this weekend.

  • Got this recently from a supermarket. Don't think I've overwatered it, but it just sheds leaves. Shall I repot in some bonsai soil? Not sure!

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  • What is it? Check if their leaves normally drop in the Autumn/Winter? Some house plants are like the trees outside...

  • My local plant store emailed me this handsome chap from their supplier, I think I’ve just fallen in love..

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  • with the plant not the store owner, before you ask.

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House Plants: Advice, Pics, Sell and Trade

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