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  • hi tis, do you know what it is? I was thinking Tradescantia fluminensis 'Albovittata' which does trail. But then I can't be sure. The other green bit in the pot is confusing me.

  • I'm not sure - A quick search suggests possibly a dracaena reflexa / Song of India?

    It was upright when I bought it (~ 18 months ago), but over time, it grew up & away from the window. Then it just fell. The green shoot is relatively recent.

    [Edit] Maybe dracaena sanderiana silver ribbon or victory

  • kind of looks like it is upside down. The body should split into two joined by the centre growth bit, and sometimes needs a little help to crack, like a tiny tiny bit of help so you don't split it completely. I use a knife to run it through. You could repot but you could just leave it there in a hydro env. I have a small avo forest and using some hyacinth vases for looks and one has been there for 6+ months now.

  • Could have been stretching for light. They're pretty damn hardy. I'd repot and maybe retrain with some strong wire slowly to bend back into shape.

  • Could have been stretching for light.

    I though that maybe the case, except that it was growing away from the light.

    Trussing it up sounds like a good idea though - Ta!

  • Plant people, this Aloe propagation chat has got me wondering, what's the best way to sort out this situation, looks like four plant's in one pot, the main one is rock solid, the three 'smaller' ones are floppy and look like self destructing/rotting, what's the best way to resolve this for more Aloe's in my life

    And whats the deal with this mad lad, why are the bottom leaves going yellow? Online seems to suggest too much sun but not sure why the larger leaves haven't been affected if that's the case

  • what's the best way to resolve this for more Aloe's in my life

    cut off the smaller ones below the soil, put in their own pots, give the mother plant a bigger pot as well while you're at it

  • whats the deal with this mad lad

    not sure but I'd cut off all the yellow-ish leaves, they look shit.
    re-pot in bigger pot as well.

  • Free plants!

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  • Is this a mealy bug?

  • It sure looks like one!

  • OK, never had these before, online seems to suggest spraying with rubbing alcohol, does that sounds about right?

  • I haven’t had a real infestation before but the occasional ones I’ve found I’ve picked off. I haven’t seen one for a long time, so I guess they’re not too hard to control.

  • Cheese plant needs a pot about twice the size bigger pot it’s sat in

  • Nunhead Gardener has opened a new shop in Camberwell so I couldn’t resist.

    I had to go do food shopping after so I left the plant there, went back with a pack of muffins for them (because why not!), they then gifted me a mini cactus.

    This is one of the reasons why I love shopping local with small businesses. I have a feeling I am going to be a very regular visitor...

  • Anyone with any experience of Aechmeas?

    Ours has a "pup" growing and my reading of this blog/site that the mother plant will die if the pup isn't removed.­t-care-tips/

    Is that true?

  • I have found a wonderful local plant shop in East Ham. Bought several house plants and troughs. There is something remarkable about having these guys around especially with the current working from home living alone scenario

  • ..cross-posting this from the Jazz thread -­TDE


  • Nice @tinakino my home office corner

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  • Kitchen window cill need more pots

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  • okay this one is outside.. Bringing the garden to the dining room.

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  • Once I have the parquet flooring down and skirting boards on, gonna get an aspidistra and kentia palm.. to finish off the rooms on the ground floor

  • what that window box needs is a few toy dinosaurs, some fine shingle, dino footprints to give it that jurassic park theme..

  • What planter is that?

  • outside planter has 3no. japanese sword ferns Polystichum retrosopalaeceum with two alpines called sempervavium, planted into mixture of ericaceous soil and grit for good drainage. plan to collect rain water to ensure regular top up, as tap water is not ideal. Once everything is bedded in shingle cover. the alpine needs to be divided up has loads of buds so need spreading around the ferns. Clearly not house plants (wrong thread obvs), as these can only live outside..

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House Plants: Advice, Pics, Sell and Trade

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