House Plants: Advice, Pics, Sell and Trade

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  • It’s a fiddle fig. I’m also unsure where exactly to cut it.

  • Thanks. It’s a fiddle fig.
    I’m not sure where exactly to cut...

  • Anyone know what the English version of 'paletteblad' is, directly translates as palette leaf in English but that is not yielding any search results. Is a green leaf with an inner pink/purple pattern that kind of mirrors the leaf shape

  • Painted nettle.

  • What's the best place? I have recently bought one but bits of it keep falling off.

    Any plants that enter the house perish pretty quickly, but we have managed to get an avocado sprouting.

    We had a nasturtium flower, then black fly ate it

  • Pointless plants is doing 15% this weekend.

  • Thanks.
    It now looks like this...

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  • Oh exciting, good luck little buddies

  • Theese white things could either be some fungoid problem or the beginning of roots forming. We’ll see...

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  • Speaking of possible root formation, there's weird goings on with my cactus.

    I had to undertake surgery a few months ago after loving it too much (over-watering) and since some new growth sprouted from where I make the cut. I've just noticed these nodules appearing both at the bottom of the new growth, as well as through the middle of the main plant.

    Current hypothesis is that they're roots from the new growth that's run through the older plant. Has anyone else seen anything like this?

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  • I think it's

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  • It is a bit scary... 🤭

  • new aloe appearing
    time to pot upthe mother and get some more plantlets, it seems a bit crowded

  • I've got loads of little aloes coming off mine - what's best to do with them?

  • Cut them a few cm below the surface if possible and put them in little pots, keep moist but not wet for two months.

  • i'm gonna remove the mum from the pot and see what the deal is under the soil, split off the baby and re pot both

    i'm not sure how the two are connected, seems distance from the main trunk, could have popped up closer

  • i'm not sure how the two are connected


  • On a more serious note they build rhizomes & adventitious roots.
    The rhizomes spawn new plants on their own over time - even if you cut them off the mother plant - like I told @umop3pisdn above.

  • I'd let the baby grow bit bigger before you separate. Mum looks massive, well done.

  • Why this plant so sad?

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  • Has it been outside (in strong wind)?

  • After a good start, my avocado seed seems to have stopped growing. There's a new leaf that I can see almost about to sprout, but it's not doing anything. I have changed the water and cleaned the root which was covered in a furry algae type stuff. Should I repot in soil now?

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House Plants: Advice, Pics, Sell and Trade

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