House Plants: Advice, Pics, Sell and Trade

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  • Hmm looks close, thanks. Not quite the right leaves and mine never forms bunched up rosettes no matter how much light it gets. Looks like sedum don't mind being pruned to keep to size though so might try that on a couple! It's just going to generate lots more offspring though...

  • Houseplant people! Advice please!
    As awesome as our balcony is on the veg front we don’t have any houseplants except for 2 small cactuses but feeling the urge to green the place up a bit.

    Recommendations for half a dozen or so cat-friendly plants to brighten the place up a bit? Happy to do wall pots if required but got nowhere really for hanging plants.

  • If you've got any offspring you wanted rid of (and you're vaguely north of the river) I'd happily take off your hands/exchange for tomato seedlings or beer if they're of any interest? I'm in the market for succulents...

  • I'm in Catford, so very vague not really north... I seem to have a bit of an ongoing succulent nursery though so they'll always be available.

  • Spider plants, African violets, Hoyas. All cat friendly. I also have a Swiss cheese plant - not cat friendly but cats generally don’t try and eat it. This is a really useful resource for what is/is not poisonous -­ison-control/toxic-and-non-toxic-plants.

    There are some plants that are an absolute no-no. Lilies, string of pearls, etc.

  • This is very kind, thank you! I own a flat with my ex in Honor Oak that I need to get down to as soon as lockdown is over so if you still have spares kicking about I might be in touch and come with whatever barter item you (reasonably) prefer...

  • I've got an almost infinite supply of spider plants if you want any.

  • Put them in an upside-down clear plastic storage box, has worked a treat creating a mini greenhouse.
    9 of 15 have appeared - highlight of my lockdown tbh.

  • :) yeah just message me and I can show you what I currently have. Beer/snacks is good.

  • highlight of my lockdown tbh

    would of thought the highlight of your lockdown are your amazing pizzas

  • Feeling like I finally got the hang of the Neapolitan style has definitely been a high point too. Minor victories definitely keep me sane!

  • Will do! Cheers

  • Yeah have checked the list previously(all our balcony plants are cat friendly and the ones that are potentially iffy are out of reach.

    @ChasnotRobert some spider plants would be a great start! Will send thee a pm in the morning.

  • Also have Aloe aristata which I think is non toxic.

  • I’ve tried to go an avocado seed a few tone and they always end up going mouldy. What am I doing wrong?

  • Any ideas what this is?

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  • looks pretty cool - lovely colours!

  • I have a dwarf fan palm in a pot which when watered never seems to drain. There is only one central hole in the bottom of the pot. Could that be the issue?

    Maybe I just need to give it loads more water, but apparently they shouldn't be watered too much.

  • Like @ChasnotRobert said, a hebe.
    Solid little shrub.. Nothing spectacular but they have nice dense foliage and lots of little leaves. You could probably propagate a hedge using cuttings if you like it.
    Not sure how fast growing they are - we inherited ours with the house and they haven't exactly gone mad.

  • Cheers both. A friend challenged me, said he couldn't find anyone to ID it accurately. Now I'm sifting through endless google image results of hebe types...

  • Try the PictureThis or Pl@ntNet apps

  • Any idea what this is

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  • Cont

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  • very nice

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House Plants: Advice, Pics, Sell and Trade

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