20 year old cannondale caad 4 up for grabs

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  • about to put this caad4 out in the street.
    find it in Ardery Street in Partick. G11 7SX.
    it's about 20 years old and needs a lot of work. figure one of you might be interested
    would prefer it to go to a good home but have to leave town at short notice and can't take it with me.
    if you want it come and claim it.
    good luck.

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  • Damn. Please don't. I know it's a massive ball ache but I'd love this but I'm in London. Please post me it haha

  • I'm begging. My housemate has the same frame. It needs to happen

  • Is this a wind-up?


  • I'd buy this for money and postage!

  • I've offered already. Think OP came here to post it and leave it sadly.

  • Yeah yeah. In the queue. No beef.

  • This forum judges people for making a buck. I won't judge. Go pick it up and sell it to me Glasgow people. I won't tell.

  • Didn't mean that. I just meant that I think sadly this will be out in the street

  • Ha, this is brilliant. Good on OP for sharing the love, and I feel the pain of @PhilDAS and @croft !

  • I know people who could go grab it, but it's probably already too late. #4evainourharts

  • Sorry guys I don't have time to post etc I leave first thing tomorrow. If you grab it and feel like you need to give something in return throw some money towards The Workers Theatre in Glasgow. I just want someone who appreciates it to have it.

  • It's still there.

  • Looking up cost of train ticket...

  • This is mine and I paid over £100 for it. This one is in much better condition and has original forks.

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  • @ user75207 I was gonna say let us know how long it takes to go! I left a scrap washing machine out and by the time I got in and upstair, I looked out and folk were already loading it!!! Much quicker than the council.

  • Fuuuuuuck. Frustration is reeeeal

  • Send your people! Bring it to London and just give me 1st dibs

  • It's gone folks!

  • And the forum has been blueballed!

  • Real talk. I'm gutted.

  • what a #caadstory

  • you could have waited until may, I was visiting then.....

  • RIP in peace, sweet biek

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20 year old cannondale caad 4 up for grabs

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