Bespoked Bristol 2017

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  • Anybody going down this year?

    Me and a couple of buddies are, but I was toying with the idea of riding down.....anyone else up for it?

  • Taking your wallet with you :-)

  • No, no, no....!

    Just looking!
    A colleague has had a pretty harrowing thing happen to him recently, and it will be nice to keep his mind off it ;0)

  • I'll be down there in the Saturday. Lots of really good exhibitors this year (and every year before) and there's been enough technology change that I'm keen to see how it's being used.

  • I'm excited... I've wanted to go for a couple of years, but work rota or other stuff always got in the way.

  • Clashing with London Classic aka Cobblemonster ... been wanting to go for ages ...

  • and it will be nice to keep his mind off it

    Knowing what you do for a living mate, sometimes I wonder about how meaningless and shallow most of our working lives are. Hope you have a really good ride down there, good on yer. I've been wondering if I can work out a way to ride up to Hull this year just for the craic, want to arrive for some 'culture' event or other, see old friends etc...

  • I really liked the show they did in London, but I'm glad they're back in Bristol. Not everything has to be in London (to no-one's great surprise).

    I had to look up when it was, as I haven't been paying attention--it turns out it's this coming week-end (7th-9th April).

    I won't be going, though, mainly because I'm doing the Cobbleclassic on the Sunday. I'll look out for the reports, though.

  • Cheers fella, that's nice to know.....we don't always have to deal with rubbish stuff though, sometimes it's a hoot, but this was the third time something has landed on his's amazing he's still sane (or as sane as he ever has been!!).
    Sort out a ride to be up for taking the Mercian along! It's near Derby right? It must be, as that's 'North' too!

  • I think it's the Saturday I'm there too....not very good at the details!
    I'll wear my forum cap, so look out for me! 👍

  • any one know any lifts/cars/vans/ heading down on the sat? i missed last year and really wanna go this year

  • I'll be there on Friday, as it is only half and hour from home, and my son has a stand again this year.

  • Are any other forumengers exhibiting this year?
    We'll be going down in my mate's van with bikes, staying at a campsite about 20 miles out and riding in. It would be preferable to bring our bikes inside, somewhere safe......does anyone know about bike parking facilities?

  • There were large bike racks last year just outside the main entrance, would imagine they would do the same this time round.
    Me and a pal are cycling from Barry on the Sunday. Looking forward to it!

  • I saw the old Victorian pumping station on restoration of the year.
    Very impressed.
    I'm turning middle class slowly... not sure if I'm happy about it.

  • Yeah they have done a very good job on it to be fair. We live a just down the road and find ourselves there quite a bit.
    It's best to embrace not fight the middle class life, beige chinos and Volvos ftw

  • I'll be there all three days manning the Massif Central stand - drop by and say Hi. Chatting to Forumongers is always a nice break from the sales talk!

  • I'll try to remember!

  • Ride down through Friday night ya lazy bugger! :)

    If you plan the route, I'll join you!

  • Can anybody post pictures of the highlights please?

  • I'll be there across the whole weekend. Have been lucky enough to work on a lot of fun and interesting finishes for some great new frame builders. Looking forward to seeing how they all look fully built.

  • looking forward to plenty of pictures of Rob English's Trans Am bike! :)


  • Nuts... Looks like his trans am bike isn't there. :(

  • On our way down now.... We are staying in a campsite about 20 miles out tonight, and riding in in the morning.
    Is there any chance of someone lovely letting three bikes park inside somewhere? :0)

  • ahem, come get a coffee at my place, full court press on Broad St.

    plus visit @timwilkey in Forever Peddaling.

    if you're about all weekend, there's a gravelish, pre rouxbaix ride starting from my shop at 10am.. Ish

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Bespoked Bristol 2017

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