• Morning, bought this a few weeks ago from Rebels Alliance. The pack includes the last print edition of VNA magazine, a limited edition, signed D*face print (150 made worldwide, mine's 125) , stickers, D*face pin, a beer koozie and a screenprinted folder to hold everything together. The magazine is also screenprinted and smells like it's just come out the print shop.

    A nice little package for any D*face fan. I'll accept offers, but not silly ones.
    Based in W9, work in Kensington


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  • Limited print

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  • Spread in magazine

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  • Price drop... £175

  • Last price drop £150

  • Hi
    Is it still for sale ?

  • Sorry dude, went years ago


FS: D*face limited edition print/ last print run magazine and goodies

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