• I've built up a set of touring wheels on a pair of beautiful 7400 (7403?) Dura Ace hubs and then realised far too late that the back wheel would need a 7-speed Uniglide cassette. As I'm planning for an 8-speed Shimergo setup I need a plan B.

    So I'm looking for an 8-speed Dura Ace hyperglide freehub body to transplant on to it. Apparently there is compatibility between the Dura Ace hubs but not with anything else in the Shimano range.

    Will pay cash, or I have a nice pair of Shimano 600 Tricolor Ultegra hubs I could swap you.

    Also does anyone know of a shop (or anyone) within reach of Manchester that has the special Shimano TL-FH10 tool needed to remove said hubs?

  • good luck finding the tool, rarer than hens teeth.

    I understand it having mine removed by Argos cycles, they happened to have an old tool still hanging around.

    That's your best bet, find a frame builder that's been around a while. Rourke maybe?

  • 7402 Uniglide hubs will take an 8 speed uniglide cassette as well as a 7 speed one.

    You want CS-7400-8 v. CS-7400-7. Would be a lot easier than tracking down an 8 speed HG freehub and the tool...

  • And as you have the 7402 hubs the HG freewheel will not fit your hub I had a similar experience

    ( I made my own tool BTW)

  • Yeah, I think the threads are different if I remember rightly.

    just go uniglide.

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Wanted: Dura Ace 7400 / 7403 8-speed hyperglide freehub body (& Shimano TL-FH10 removal tool)

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