Anyone broken free from professional life? Warning: rant

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  • Thanks all for sharing stories.

    I am on my out of this country/city of London after 8 years, I came to the realisation that this is not a place for me culturally and at this moment of my life I need things that faded away from myself.

    I got myself somehow into a spiral of depression and anxiety that I never even came close.
    Worse workplace I have ever had in my life, best pay, best position I had, very badly managed by CEO who doesn't give a fuck about people but living a luxurious life under the allowance of business while people struggle and work like fucking donkeys, left without any care of duty...during pandemic etc. Atmosphere always was horrible "don't give a fuck attitude" always clashed highly with my work culture.

    My kid was abducted for me when he was 6months, took the case to court, self-supported, self-represented as a paralegal is not allowed in court. Was a fortune, money-wise but mentally fucked me up. Besides the fact my son was taken to 600+km from me what makes everything realistically unsustainable.

    Eventually realised that needed mental health help, and to date, the only thing I had was replies "sorry but the services cant help due to the number of requests", or a GP who doesn't care but to just prescribe you a pill by default as it does for everyone else, without really assess you as a Human Being...FUCK THEM.

    So, I am not staying in a country, culture and system that made me go mental and cant even help me.

    I hate the feeling of superficiality, egos and dehumanization in this city so I am leaving.
    No real friends, family and even cultural offer that London used us to, is not here anymore, even if there is some signs of it, I don't feel with CV19 in the equation is sensible, is stressful, is not enjoyable. If I could get another job? Yes I could and well paid etc but I just don't want to patch a problem to lead me to a problem 2.0, so fuck this, I rather have less money, more sanity, more vitamin D, more quality of life, more nature, more authentic and real people.

    London for me is good to come, study, work your CV/portfolio up a bit and get the hell out and don't look back.

    Leaving this place before I kill myself or I end up in jail or something...

  • Hey mate, stay strong and drop me a text if you wanna have a chat.

  • Forgot to put a link here to a post I wrote about why I’ve gone freelance (does not no references to self harm and is a bit Toxic Positivity LinkedIn type post)­go-freelance

  • I’ve got an interview for a ‘proper’ job in 2 weeks. I’ve been in sales for about 10 years. The commission’s good and I’m not a super speedy person so I can just about live on what I earn.

    It’s a management role so I’m looking at the other side of the fence and wonder how I might adjust. It’s a very us and them mind set where I work so naturally if I get the job the team I’ll be managing will hate me.

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Anyone broken free from professional life? Warning: rant

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