Adventuremobile - Tokyo Fixed Wide Open

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  • People here seems to rate Challenge strada bianche, or for something more durable marathon supreme.

  • also.. camo bartape?

    I'd say no as this looks too smart for this, personally camo has its place on rattier bikes.

  • thanks ! so i guess tubulars are a no brainer? never used any

    also, change of plans on groupset ! going for ultegra 6800 instead. hopefully will have some more photos by the end of this week with parts

    any idea which size clamp on front derailleur would i need? is it 28.6mm/31.8mm ?

  • thing is i dont want it to look too classy ! all those chips make me want to turn it into something rattier.

    this ?

  • maybe, yeah, Ali g yellow could look cool, I just think green would be overkill

  • You mean tubeless? I use tubeless in all but my fixed bikes, would recommend S-One but it can be a pain in the ass to setup, especially the first times, and you have to spend a bit more the first time. Also archetypes are not made for tubeless, but i guess is possible to make them work

  • Ωραίος!

    by the way I liked the camo on my Surly

  • What bag is that obi? Liking the look of it

  • custom made to my specifications by Jordan @

    but he now offers a slightly different version "off the shelf"­ing/products/rando-bar-bag

  • Cheers- Appreciate it. sorry for the minor hijack!

  • ha thanks! its a small world @ObiWomKenobi

    anyone knows what clamp size would i need for the front derailleur? im confused!

    thanks for the tire suggestions i liked the strade bianche maybe ill go for that, or a more classic panaracer pasela?

  • Wheelset - Tires ✓
    Seatpost - stem - bars ✓
    Groupset except crank ✓

    photos on the weekend

    initial plans were to use an old sram crank from a friend, but i can get my hands on a 50-34 ultegra 6800 for cheapz. thing is im not sold on its modern look.

    also what about black crankset & silver cockpit-seatpost? :> any nice builds from the archive?

  • getting there.. kind of.

    hopefully will have it built within the next 2 weeks.
    sorry for crappy photos - terrible lighting - very small house.

  • Rim envy. Bike is coming together nicely! Keen to see how the rims wear

  • tbh build started from the rims. was the only part i was sure of !
    yeah im interested on the wear as well

  • That bartape looks almost like snakeskin. It might look pretty good with the green.

    Interested to see how this turns out!

  • looks really good !

  • went to my local bike shop this morning to have it built.
    left for work so excited,
    i got a call saying that the freehub body doesn't fit my 11sp cassette. bummer

    anyhow little photo update with a few spacers lol. excuse the bad photo. will fix photographic reputation when bike'z ready.

  • long story short, im search for a way to fit my 11 speed cassette and groupset.

    rear hub currently is an Ambrosio Zenith 10 speed. they appear to be the same as the Novatec's f172sb - if anyone can confirm that?

    wheelbuilder has no intention to help so.. what would the best plan be here? get the freehub body? if so does anyone know which? or should i just get a new hub and get over with ? :/

  • Yes they are. But I think the wheel needs to be re-dished if you upgrade it to 11s. has them available, but postage is a bit steep for a single item. Don't know where else to get them.

    On the positive side, bike looks great!

  • Cheers! Wish i could ride this weekend :P

    I understand its these hubs then with different branding? If so, i paid way too much ..

  • I believe they are, yes, but the silver is hard to find so don't kick yourself too much.

  • After all the trouble with the wheelset - here it is!
    Managed to convert the 10sp freehub body to fit the cassette, until i buy a new one.

    Rides like a charm. Will keep updating, as little details are added, and will make some proper photos!

  • Your bike is gorgeous - well done!

    That place looks eerie as.

  • Really good looking bike. I think you made the right choice with the bar tape!

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Adventuremobile - Tokyo Fixed Wide Open

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