Adventuremobile - Tokyo Fixed Wide Open

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  • First thread, first road bike, first first first..!!

    Been riding only track bikes in Athens,Greece the past years, it was time for something new.
    Always wanted a bike that would take me anywhere. Not into racing or calculating bike weights, mostly into bikepacking (which up until now did with the track bike), casual long sunday rides, and exploration.

    Been looking around for several frames, parts, complete bikes, until a friend sold his Tokyo Fixed Wide Open and a pair of Grand Cru's. Frameset had several chips and wasn't in the best condition but deal was good, so why not make a start?

    Have also ordered a wheelset, Grey Archetypes laced on 32h Ambrosio Zeniths, and getting a friend's SRAM Rival OCT crankset in silver.

    Whats left :

    1. Complete the groupset. Was thinking of getting a full Rival set.
    2. Saddle - a cambium probably & seatpost.
    3. 30c tires.
    4. Hope silver headset & bars.
    5. Fix those chips on the top tube. Was thinking of getting a Newbaums cotton bar tape in green to wrap it around but looks like i cant get hold of these in Greece. Should i paint? Should i just cover the chips?


  • Great bikes these. Get Ritchey classic bars and seatpost to match. The bars are short and shallow too.

  • Will see if i can get some from the forum, if not ill go with new ones!

  • My vote goes for 1x sram drivetrain !
    plus, compass tyres.
    enjoy your new whip!

  • Nice plans!

  • great frame! Always wanted to get one of those!

  • Recap of components and looking for suggestions!

    1. stem,seatpost,bars - ritchey classic
    2. saddle - black cambium
    3. a full sram rival 22 set with this
    4. hard ano archetypes on silver ambrosio zeniths

    the crankset im getting from a friend is 53/39, and pairing it with 11-32. any thoughts on that? first time building a road bike

    what do you guys think about the paint. heard those zona frames get very easily chipped. should i bother painting now before its set up? just ride it and think of that later?

  • Classy ride! I'd get smaller gears on the front, with a 53/39 you'll probably find yourself using the inner ring almost exclusively unless you like pushing big gears. Also I think the quality of the paint used matters more than what type of tubing is used, you could touch up the chips with some matching brush on paint

  • 53/39 is too tall, I'd put a compact or even something smaller if you plan to load the bike

  • @Heldring @Netakure was thinking about that as well.. thing is i wanted to have silver components throughout and that crankset will come at a cheap price from a friend.
    if not this, i guess my only option is veloce at a low budget? shimano 105 i dont like the looks :/

  • Always like the look of silver rival cranksets, but I think sram silver rear mech is not easy to find. The 11 speed only came in black as far as I know.
    11 speed Silver groups choices maybe only down to 105, Athena, and potenza

  • The 11 speed Rival rear mech is kinda silver and black. I think it would match the silver cranks okay.

    Silver Campag Potenza would look great on this frame!

  • You can probably just switch out the rings and keep the cranks, what's the bcd on those?

  • Also a good excuse to get a narrow wide and go 1x

  • 130 bcd. did think about that but had no luck finding 34-50 rings 130 bcd.

  • isnt the gap between the gears quite big with 1x setup?

  • Specialties TA make 130 bcd rings and are #TesterApproved

  • insipiration

  • 38t is about the smallest possible on 130bcd

  • damn i do learn stuff every day :p

  • most of the parts will be ordered by the end of the week

    any suggestions for tires? rims will be archetypes.
    i believe the frame fits up to 32. could go for a 30 and maybe squeeze fenders on winter time? most probably won't fit, or i won't bother, but you know..

  • got a quote on the remaining parts for the rival 22 groupset from the local dealer.
    im sad. isn't 272 euros for the shifters a lot? or is it me not being used to buy groupsets?

    considering going for a 10sp setup. maybe find some used parts as well here? is the difference that significant?

  • Shimano 10 speed is good and cheaper. I got some 105 5700 shifters for around £60. Means you can use a non-shadow 9speed shimano rear mech too (cable pull is the same) for a longer cage and more capacity

  • still looking for tire suggestions!

    also.. camo bartape?

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Adventuremobile - Tokyo Fixed Wide Open

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