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  • I did my theory last year and kind of forgot that I need to pass the practical within a certain period or resit the theory.

    I've possibly foolishly booked a test for May 6th. If I fail it gives me time until late June to book another and try again.

    But I'm, unsurprisingly, finding it difficult to find lessons at short notice. I've tried all the big national franchises plus all the independents on the first few pages of google - no dice.

    I'd like automatic instruction: 1. Because we have an automatic car, 2. Because I'm in a hurry and it seems easier.

    Anyone know any driving instructors? I can be free any time and have dollar.

  • Probably shooting yourself in the foot going auto, there will be fewer auto schools around which will only compound your problem and you'll be stuck only being able to drive auto cars, of which there are fewer to buy and they're hella boring to drive unless they have some power behind them.

    Manual is a peice of piss anyway and safer.

    Have you tried booking an intensive course?

  • Actually a +1 with Dogtemple about auto only.

    Your stuck with autos only, if things change and you need to drive a works vehicle and it ain't an auto your screwed.
    It's really worth the effort of a manual gearchange test, opens up more vehicle choice.

    Had an interview for my current job which involved a short driving test........ anyone on auto only got no further.
    A lot of smaller HGV and PSV (buses) are auto boxes nowdays, but 7.5 and upto 3.5(transit size) are mainly manual.

    In a few years you might find yourself having to resit a driving test to get manual entitlement, it really is worth it to just do it now.

    (i sound like my dad now, who gave me a similar lecture many years ago) :)

  • Was considering an intensive course but not sure I want to spring for the prices - prob want to spend no more than 500 and the intensive ones I've seen are about a grand.

    I know I'd be stuck with auto on an auto test but was under the impression manual is considerably harder and with 6 weeks and a new baby (so fuck all time) I figure I'd make it easy on myself.

    But by all accounts today it's not that much more fiddly so I figure I'll take what I can get.

    Lesson learned is don't book your test yourself but get your instructor to book it for you or at least find out when they're available - everyone I've spoken to says they won't take me on as they're not able to do the test with me and while they could do lessons prior they don't think that's best for me - which is either very honest of them or they just can't be fucked.

    In any event I've got 10 hours booked with AA and we'll see if that instructor is available for the test.

    And there's always resits.

  • was under the impression manual is considerably harder.

    It's not.

    My last driving instructor start out with "so, can you ride a bicycle?", and basically explain the principle is quite similar, moreso to an internal hub gear bicycle (stop pedalling, change gear, start pedalling).

    It seemed rather daunting, but once the instructor guide you, it will make logical sense, plus a lots of modern car have useful feature such as showing the gear change to incidate when to change them (SEAT cars have those).

  • It's easy, you'll be all over it in no time:

  • Changing gear is the easy part, it won't speed anything up going auto.

    Realistically it takes over 6 months of lessons for most people before being ready. If I were you I would cancel your test and get cracking with lessons. Not likely you'll be ready so soon.

  • Apart from what everyone else said did you try Round the Bend driving school.
    Run by a guy called Matthew and they have a few drivers.
    I had a guy called Scott, who was fairly direct but exactly what you need. No fluffy pandering.

  • Oddly I had a text from Matthew this morning who said he could help out - I've actually already booked 10 (manual not auto) hours with AA but I'm not sure if their instructor will be able to come to the test with me, so Matthew said give him a ring and they'd sort something out if he can't.

    Would have gone with him already but he only got back to me this morning after I contacted him last week. Would still go with him but had to pay in advance for AA so might as well see what it's like before scrapping.

    Thanks for your optimism @Dogtemple

  • just being realistic, been there done it. didn't happen in two months either. but then I didn't learn in an automatic

  • Not being smug or anything but I passed on a manual with no errors just now after 10 hours instruction.

    I am being smug really.

  • I passed, didn't have any lessons

  • Zero faults or gtfo

  • Solid work! Congratulations.
    Can you give me a lift to Arundel Castle at the weekend ;)

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Driving Lessons (automatic)

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