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  • Cycle Training UK has won a DfT innovation challenge fund bid for a new project. Ride side by side were we ride with older and less mobile people on short trips on a special side by side cycle


    Project starts in April. Will post more details as we roll out...

  • Looks cool, what a good way to help the elderly socialise and increase mobility

  • look at those 2 lovely people, just look!

  • @sparky this is the project I mentioned at the drinks...

  • The project is running and well subscribed.
    We've updated our website:
    And made a video of the project:

    If you know anyone in Hackney over 60 or with issues of mobility, they can call 020 7232 4384 to book a cycle.

  • Can those things get up hills ?
    I know its only a 2 mile radius for Hackney but we could do with a simular scheme up here in Woolwich/Shooters Hill (and of course many other places) where there is only a bus and people with issues of mobility struggle. They have to compete with the able/school kids and bus drivers that think they are taking you on some rugged safari trip.

  • It is power assisted so can get up hills. This is the prototype cycle and is heavier than the next 2 cycles we're getting as we expand the project.

    Drop me an email (david@cycletraining.co.uk) or PM if you wish to explore the possibility of running this in Woolwich. We could consider approaching Greenwich council

  • thanks

    Just to add a thought - the bus experience out of the Woolwich centre bus hub (90% buses) is pretty rubbish. (and its not unique is it )
    But I envisage something like Ride Side by Side could pick up off the many side streets and the Tescos/Sainsburys/Lidl etc - shoppers that struggle to get on the buses and added to this friction there are the Mums + buggies.
    Could these bikes accommodate Mums + buggies ?
    They've only got about a mile to get home but ...
    its up two steep hills.

  • A year after closing Cycle Training UK, Ride Side by Side is back to be delivered through Bikeworks

    We've set up a crowdfunding site to re launch this in Spring 2020. The Crowdfunding goes live today.


    So please consider pledging to support this or just write a comment on the SpaceHive site that shows support. Share the link to your network. All goes to increasing the chances of getting this going again.


  • Is there any way to support without setting up a DD?

  • Yes. I realise that this is an issue so on Friday we're planning to add Paypal to this.
    Will update here when sorted

  • Paypal button is now up if you don't want to donate with bank details


  • Great project and nice to meet you today. Pledged!

  • Great project and nice to meet you today. Pledged!

    Thanks for that! Good to meet you too.

    Also a bump since We are crowd-funding and plan to remind people every now and then :)
    We have some nice flyers to support the crowd funding.

    If you are up to helping spread the word please post this link on your social media https://www.spacehive.com/ride-side-by-s­ide

    Or if you want some actual flyers to hand out PM me and I'll send some to you


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  • Great project. Pledged.

  • Thanks Mr Sweary.
    Much appreciated!

  • Weekly bump
    The Spacehive crowdfunding people recommend keeping the campaign in peoples consciousness hence the bumping. We're doing ok considering we're in week 2. Still waiting for the big pledges from the Boroughs and community orgs. Will also be doing a press release at some point

    So spread the word please
    (If you've pledged thank you, and put the thread on ignore ;)

  • This is good to see! Are you still using those cycles pictured above?

  • We still have one of those origanal cycles. We have the plan is to buy 3 otp cycles, and van ram or PF side by side cycles with e assist and a rain canopy.

    These should be less problematic than the ones we had built for the trial

  • Another bump.

    We understand that on 18th November LB Hammersmith and Fulham will be deciding which projects they will fund and how much. This will be based on pledges received between now and the 18th.

    So if you are able to pledge even a small amount that will really help to get a larger pledge from the Borough.

    Go to https://www.spacehive.com/ride-side-by-s­ide to make a pledge


  • Weekly bump

    Could you help out Bikeworks with gaining funding for this project?

    We need to reach 30 backers over the next few days so that we can unlock a £5000 pledge from Hammersmith & Fulham Council. We have 21 backers so far.

    Please remember:
    you can pledge as little as £2
    if we don't hit our target no money is taken from your account
    Bikeworks is trying to get this project going and we would really appreciate your backing.

    If you don't have a spare £2 please consider sharing with others?

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Ride side by side

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