ThNRC 2017 - The Heart of DaRKness

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  • It's grey, wet and miserable outside which can mean only one thing; Spring is upon us!

    Charge your tyres, inflate your lights, oil your fig roll, stick a few chains in your pocket and lets hit the black-top...

  • If you haven't already, read the rules.

  • This year, Thursday is my riding night.

    It may not be with you guys, but I hope it will, occasionally at least.

  • So when do I get to embarrass myself in Surrey? Done about 3 weeks riding since November so it'll be easy, right?

  • 23rd, bring enough flapjack for 2.

  • I've done about 3hrs.

    I may be busy for Surrey...

  • Argh, clashes with a wedding.

  • A wedding on a Thursday? How inconsiderate.

  • Should be in for this. Just ordered a new sprocket in anticipation of those hills. Looking forward to joining you all. Hope there is no crazy secret ThNRC initiation I'm not aware of...

  • On a Saturday but heading up early Friday. It's my friend Matt - he's been on some of these rides.

  • Ah, in that case bring him along, we'll call it a stag do.

    Pass on my congratulations.

  • Stag do of pain. It might catch on.

  • Actually what am I talking about: all stag dos are painful.

  • Keen to get involved with these rides this year.

    Any suggestions on a decent front light, though? (sub-£50 preferably)
    I'll need an upgrade for this sort of thing, I think!

  • For battery powered lights you can often find used Hope Vision 1 lights around for about that price. If you want USB charged lights the Leyzene Macro Drive will get you around, works pretty well for 2-3 on high beam. All that being said I feel like there are better suggestions out there.

  • I've got a cateye volt 400 (the old model) which I use on these. About 3 hours on full beam but I find mid beam plenty bright. USB charging and you can get extra batteries which can be charged up and screwed on if needed. They've really dropped in price. Might have to grab a spare myself.

  • @youramericanlover @jaeyukdapbap thanks both! I'll check these out!

  • do we a need a ride thread for this week?

  • now I feel like a nag :(

  • Nah, just me being slack.

    It's heeeere!

  • So on my way to Southend on the weekend I integrated most of Ingatestone in reverse. 1) It was very weird to do it in the day time, and 2) I can confirm that if you do it the normal way it is downhill both ways but if you do it in reverse, it is mostly uphill. Mind-blowing.

  • Woah

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  • I'm washing my hair for Surrey. Always.

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ThNRC 2017 - The Heart of DaRKness

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