Ritchey Breakaway Titanium CX

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  • Disk brakes are dead mk3:

    Probably with this:

    And this:

    Thinking about Vitoria Voyager Hypers in 35s for general riding duty.

    Either duraace 7800 or 7900, 7800 might be a bit fiddly with the exposed cables.

    Contact points: maybe Ritchey WCS, or silver classic.

    Always wanted a Ti frame, the portability is secondary, but nice to have on regular trips, and so I can take it along with all the family luggage.

    Much exicite!

  • jhhheeeezzzeee. rad as fuck frame. subbed

  • yes fam! loving the brake choice .. have you already got them? I quite like these too: http://freshtripe.co.uk/velo-orange-gran­d-cru-zeste-cantilever-brake/

    and these: http://www.trpbrakes.com/category.php?pr­oductid=1182&catid=185&subcat=0

    I presume it came with a case.

    Go with black finishing kit IMO. And 100% not C220 for a bike that you need to dismantle. And normal King cages .. although I could be tempted to sell you my Ti King cages.

    I am about to place an order from S and S with cable splitters so if you want can add you ..

  • Just bought the steel version. Look forward to seeing how this pans out

  • Shorty ultimates were on clearance on Chainreaction, so got the pair for £83.
    Got the voyager hypers 35mm off planet x for £11.99 each, and the cages were £5 each off the same.

    Bits I have already under consideration:

    -Pro Vibe compact bars/Pro vibe alloy stem
    -Ritchey WCS evocurve carbon bars & buy WCS stem and seatpost
    Inline thompson elite black (might be cut too short, but maybe ok as the frame isn't compact)
    Various chinese carbon seatposts/alloy seatposts
    -17 uno stem
    Wheels, probably silver superstar pave wheels, or black superstar Arc31 wheels.
    Full Duraace 7800
    Full Duraace 7900
    Duraace 9000 with stages (Would mean moving 7900 cranks/praxis zayante cranks to my Caad10, moving Cannondale hollowgrams with stages from my Caad10 to my Venge, freeing up the 9000 cranks for this bike)

  • It arrives!

  • Avid Shorty ultimate delivered, couldn't quite work out how to install them, doesn't help when the manual is online, and you try and read it on your phone with greasy hands

  • Much lush, many merida seatpost.

    To avoid dizzyness out carpet in pictured washer on boil

    I think you should go silver cockpit

  • Needs moots ti stem and 'post

  • Watch out - Superstar pave are a fair bit narrower internally than the Arcs. Just a thought if you're running anything over 25c

  • The paves are 17 internal I think, 35mm Vittoria voyagers seem to seat fine.
    Never had a road bike with such clearance.

    i wish my legs were long enough for such visible seatpost, but short legs and long body will mean low saddle and slammed stem.

  • Jesus, Moots stuff is expensive....
    And the logo... isn't it just a sticker?

  • isn't it just a sticker?

    The sticker is both nice and pricey

  • I would, if it were a Moots frame. Currently thinking Silver ritchey classic, though I don't think they do a Classic handlebar in compact shape?

  • They did. I've got a pair upstairs.

  • Is that the Neo classic?

  • silver classic is same shape as neo classic but cheaper.

  • Couldn't find compact curve anywhere, I'll try ebay

  • what do you mean by compact curve? which shape exactly are you after?

  • Ok cool, doesn't appear that they sell the 'logic curve' versions any more.
    Do you still have the handlebar and stem available?

  • Yes, both still here. All yours if you want them.

  • The brake shoes get blocked by the seat stays and the fork arms, and looks like I need to deflate tyres to remove wheels. I guess that's normal with cantilever brakes?

  • This is lovely, I agree with silver cockpit.

    What colour groupset? Black everything and silver cranks maybe?

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Ritchey Breakaway Titanium CX

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