Looking for cycling clubs

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  • Hi, my name is Wilson Sanches and I'm a Portuguese person who lives in Glasgow for five years. I'm also a full-time student in Cumbernauld College. I've been following cycling since I was 12 or 13 (I'm now 21) but I haven't been in a cycling club or a cycling team ever. Is there any cycling clubs in Glasgow that do fixed gear racing, crits or road racing?

  • Get a British cycling license and enter races, you do not need to be in a cycling club to race, can enter them unattached. I guess the velodrome is a good place to start for fixed gear.

  • You can't race standard road crits on a fixed gear. And there isnt much of a scene in Glasgow. Buy gears, race, like everyone else. Or get accredited and go on the track.

    All of the clubs seemed shit when I was there.

  • While I'm no real big fan of clubs in general, why do you say they are shit?

  • Aren't clubs like lock rings?

  • They're not, clubs are often great. The ones I encountered in Glasglow were shit. Too many old men doing the same route every week. Not very "dynamic".

  • Sounds like you should have tried some Glasgow clubs


  • Invite only clubs are like lock rings

  • There's none of them in Glasgow is there?

    There probably is, there's enough cunt cyclists in Glasgow to warrant at least one or two.

  • There are one or two, plenty of forum members have been in them.

  • I see.

    Dafuq does the SR stand for btw?

  • Sgioba-Rèis

  • Ok, I'll go to the velodrome then. I went to the Emirates Arena last year but I only have done one session. Should I do the same session again?

  • Sgioba-Rèis

    Knew it...

  • The old man ones are the better ones, ones full of Strava arseholes are worse.

  • Now that the evenings are longer and the weather is better (there, jinxed it just like that) why don't we get a fixed gears and beer ride together? Try for once a month, twice if more popular? A but like the Fixed Beer crew in London if anyone knows them..

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Looking for cycling clubs

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