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  • Yo!

    Heading out to Japan next week for 14 days..

    Unfortunately im not taking my bike with me :(

    However im keen to buy some bits..

    Can anyone recommend any rad shops?? ill be in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto


  • Blue Lug are in Tokyo I believe

  • I tried trailing around bike shops in Tokyo and Kyoto, and thought it was (mostly) a waste of time. If you know what you want, you might consider finding a reasonable bike shop, ordering all the stuff, and collecting later. Or buying stuff online and getting it delivered to your hotel.

    Cycling around Kyoto is definitely recommended. Tokyo is a bit big and more bumpy.

    If you're short you might try your luck getting a bike from suginami green cycle.

  • Does anyone have experience with buying a second hand bike in Japan. Not to export but to use while I'm there. Are the prices for bikes similar to Europe? Would it be hard to find a big size (I'm 6'5). Cheers!

  • It'll be very difficult to find a bike big enough for you. If you do find one then it can take a couple of days to complete the change of ownership process. I would definitely recommend cycling in Japan, but just take your own bike out!

  • Thanks! It seems like an awesome country for cycling! I like the idea of getting a nice Japanese bike there, a Bridgestone or so but I guess you're right that it will be difficult.

  • It's appears most the decent shops are in.osaka.
    The only shop worth visiting Tokyo was cherbium (sp?) Frame shop.
    Blue lug Had a bit of njs stuff if that your.thing

  • Finding something to fit in a shop would be beyond shocking :) it would be like winning the lottery jackpot. Your best bet would be to bring a bike with you. Second, find some high end bike hire service (high end because more likely to have larger bikes for travellers, rather than mama chari types that come in a single small size). Third, if you're in Tokyo perhaps see if anyone has something to sell here. Fourth, if you're near Ashikaga you can buy my bike (a mere 61cm so too small for giants).

  • I've got 4 days on my own in Japan next April and I need to start and finish in Tokyo (Haneda).

    I'll take my own bike, probably.

    Does anyone have suggestions for routes or places to stay? I'm pretty happy doing 80-120 miles a day and would quite like to do a coast-to-coast trip.

  • I've done this trip in May of this year: https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3386­39/

    And the trip through Nikko, up to Aizuwakamatsu and over the climb that brings you to Lake Inawashiro is totally worth it.

  • Cheers. Looks pretty interesting. What did you do for accommodation?

  • I stayed in a small cabin in Nikko: https://goo.gl/maps/4cMzyXaubfWdCF5S9
    And in a hotel in Aizuwakamatsu: https://goo.gl/maps/tCNSFeeNhBRAgWuWA

  • Today we were supposed to be looking at Mt Fuji.
    Here is one of my birthday presents (also today).
    I’m sure they’ll not all be fantastic.

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