PhilDAS never content with the bikes I already own

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  • Nice bit of detail with the oval top tube, don’t think I’ve ever seen a round bottom and oval top… can’t see a material grade on the drawing though? 🕵️♂️

  • Perhaps. I wasn't in China to oversee production so I can neither confirm nor deny

  • It's seamless 3Al-2.5V
    I like an oval top tube. It makes the bike look chunkier from a riders perspective but without the actual heft of a big round tube. Also [Klaxon sounds] vertical compliance, lateral stiffness.

  • this looks great, good work. thanks for sharing.

  • I am going to be using the nice but pricey Whisky no9 fork for it's very short crown. This should mean space fingers crossed 28c and a fender in a short 367mm road fork which pretty much no other fork/bike has.
    This is to keep that fast road bike feel through 4 seasons. What I didn't want is "endurance" or "audax".
    ...though I will actually audax on this

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  • 28c and a fender

    That's terrible clearance for a 'cross bike'

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  • It clears the all important 33c without fender.
    But I never mentioned cross bike, that's just their wording I suppose for a disc road frame

  • I was being facetious, as you well know by now :-)

    Any thoughts on colour scheme? I think ceracote on Ti is quite trendy now, or will the painting be done in the kitchen?

  • What mudguards are you planning to use?

  • I'm going to go somewhere professional (cheap). And probably black. It's a classy affair you see.

  • Got some of them 35mm carbon fancy ones

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  • ...which should get back some lightness from the non butted tubing...

    No shade but is this normal for chaitai? Or ti in general?

  • Yeah fairly normal. It's not a china specific thing. I think butting Ti tubing is difficult to get right and a lot of Ti builders the world over say it makes no difference to the ride other than a hundred grams. Think a fair few well respected builders only use straight guage

  • Every day is a school day.

  • Very cool. Are you going to paint the fork and guards as well?

  • The forks I do plan to. Either to match the frame or just gloss clear if it looks dark enough to blend in

  • Paint the fork a titanium colour

  • I think it's got something to do with stiffness too.
    Titanium frames flex more than steel or alu of equivalent strength so unless you're a super-light rider or looking for something really flexible, plain gauge are a good way to manage the whippiness.

  • Yeah I think it can be a bit noodly.

    Hopefully mines fairly stiff. I went with the biggest chainstays they have despite them wanting to give me the puny round ones and the fat downtube should help

  • Yes - the design of yours looks purposeful and I'm sure you'll make a great job of it

  • The carbon guards are the biggest of drips, not 100% on board with black paint but I'm sure it'll turn out better than it does in my head. Any thoughts on decals?

  • No decals but I did get the whole frame a brushed finish so that I can stencil some logos before paint and have the raw Ti in place of decals

  • What's the logo / name going to be?

  • TBC. I was always terrible at graphic design.

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PhilDAS never content with the bikes I already own

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