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  • With receiving some news recently that I was hoping not to receive, I've decided I need to overhaul something and make a change. I don't live a greatly exciting life so its the bikes that are going to take the hit.
    I tend to collect frames and build up one at a time since a couple hundred pound to me seems fine to spend on a frame but the same amount on a groupset makes me cry a little.
    So, current frames in the bike basement/dungeon/graveyard are:
    BMC SL01
    Gios Compact Pro Evolution
    Cannondale System Six
    Ratty Scott Speedster
    My girlfriend's Look KG227
    WeThePeople BMX

    I've been commuting on the BMC but its a 54cm and at just over 6"1, its a little on the extreme end of fitting me. It makes it bloody quick on the commuting race but anything an hour long or more and my lower back is screaming.

    It looked a little like this at one point

    This is now stripped down and waiting to be sold. Probably at the weekend and probably on ebay.
    The Gios will go too as I really didn't and will not need it.
    I'd sell the scott but my cousin gave it to me for free when I was less fortunate than I am today and in its current state, it wouldn't be worth anything anyway so I'll keep that tucked away for a future paint project.

    This leaves me with one road bike, the Cannondale System Six.
    Its a 58cm which is a size bigger than I'd like to ride, there's not going to be much seatpost on show but length wise, it fits well so I'll put up with it.

    Its from about 2007, the rear half is aluminium and similar or the same as a CAAD9 rear, and the front half is completely carbon with a huge oversized headtube.

    Plans for this are an ALL AMERICAN build inspired in no small part by my housemate @Jules CAAD

    (Old crappy picture, its even cooler now)

  • SO, plans are:
    I'd like to put Force 22 on this but that's quite spendy and I already have part of a Red 10 speed group.
    I just picked up some HED Ardennes so that's the wheels sorted, light and wide.
    I got the matching System Six carbon stem from @spotter, big thanks to him.
    Zipp SL80 bars and hopefully matching Zipp seatpost but for now I've got a Ritchey carbon number.
    I've got a Flite that I'd use but that's not really American even if it is the go-to for older cannondales. Bontrager maybe?

    Suggestions for bits are welcome, I need tyres, brakes, bottle cage, bar tape, cables

  • This is going to be my nice weather bike, not all out sunday carbon but just a nice bike that I'll hopefully keep a long time (unless a 56cm comes up)
    However, I have plans to do a Trump build MKII and build up a CAAD12 Disc at some point this year, ready for next winter and that will be my every day commuter and mile muncher at the weekend

  • In case anyone's interested, here's the Look

    It has a basket now though


    Edit: hey, the forum parses out comedy completely capitalised posts :(

  • hey, the forum parses out comedy completely capitalised posts

    Damn right.

  • If a 56 comes up, i'll take the 58 ;)

    You could swap out some of the Force parts from Rival 22 to keep costs down as they're effectively the same, and keep the Force crankset and shifters? I think Red 10 would suit the frame a lot though.

  • I've built it up already and riding it to work this week but just with parts bin build.
    Currently its got Red levers, Force RD, 1x10 with Rotor 3D and Force 1 chainring.
    The chainring is mine but the cranks aren't. I've got Rotors to go on this but I don't have any 130 BCD chainrings so borrowing compacts for now.
    Won't be buying anything new for this so I may try and source the mechs and levers separately on ebay over the next couple of months.

  • Pic nicked from Spotter, but I think its ok because that's the actual stem I bought so for illustration purposes:

    Its ugly as fuck but it just has to be done

  • I'm glad I somewhat inspired you.

    Always liked these frames. Can't wait to see what it looks like finished

  • Commuter mode this week. Mavics on and framebag to relieve a sweaty back.
    The weekend will be slam the stem and cut the steerer and put new chainring bolts on so I can get rid of the inner ring

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  • Single ring on now

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  • I've been riding this each day for a week now and first impressions are great. I said earlier or in the other thread that the front carbon half was forgiving and the rear was stiff. Well that's not true, I was running low PSI not deliberately. At anything normal like 80psi or so, it's silly stiff, the whole thing.
    This means it really goes with very little effort and rides like a much lighter bike.

    However, I've been getting some hellish knee pain, mainly behind my knees but some at the front too. This suggests to me that the saddle is too high but my knees aren't fully extended at the bottom of the pedal stroke and I feel comfortable riding mostly. I don't want to drop the saddle any more. There's already less post showing than I'd like. I think I may have to concede that it's too big for me. But I'll give it a bit longer first.

  • Love these, nice build!

    Have you had a bike fit?
    I used to get knee paint quite a bit, on any ride longer than an hour really, and sometimes my knee (think it was only the left one) would hurt even a day or two after a long ride.
    At the time I self diagnosed (based on lots of internet research) that the saddle was too high but the pain didn't stop. Finally went and had a bike fit and it turned out that the saddle was actually too low!
    Haven't had any knee pain since. I think the forum's favourite fitters are the bike whisperer and cyclefit. Couldn't get an appointment with cyclefit for ages so went to Bespoke instead which seemed to work for me.

  • I'm not going to be paying for a fit. I've never had any leg pains on any other bike and I've had, but this ones bigger than the rest have been. I'm not bothered, bikes come and go in this house. I've gone through 5 road bikes in about a year and I've already got something waiting after this so I may just let it go anyway.

  • Only 5? Seems like more, haha.
    Will be sad to see this go but I know what's coming and it's going to be hella sick!

  • If you aren't getting knee pain on your other bikes then surely you just measure the saddle height/setback on those and set this one up the same? Seems more sensible than selling it a week after building it?

  • You get all these bargains but you still buying 5+ bikes a year that don't fit. Invest in a bike fit. Buy one bike a year.

  • Not as fun

  • This is exactly my plan, excluding the bike fit. I'm in the process of selling all the silly frames, this one might get the cut too.
    I'm gonna treat the Scott to a fancy build since I know that fits me like a glove and then I'm hopefully going to buy the one frame to rule them all, an all year, all weather, mile munching caad12

  • Scott got a lick of paint yesterday

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  • ;)

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  • Big thanks to @iamalex for coming out to meet me today with the forks. Super nice guy, super nice forks, I'm stoked.

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  • Great meeting you earlier, glad they've gone to a good home. Scott and SystemSix both look fun

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PhilDAS never content with the bikes I already own

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