Torino - Nice Rally

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  • Has anyone got a collection of the routes of all the past editions? Preferably on RWGPS or gpx file

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  • I'd be keen t know this as well.

  • I’ve got the whole route for the 2nd one

  • I've got the whole for the 1st, let's make a list!

    2016 route - @giofox
    2017 route - @carson
    2018 route - ?? - some found on RWGPS
    2019 route - ??
    2021 route - ??
    2022 route - ??

  • If anyone's looking for something a bit like TNR but easier to get to, Roam Scotland Rally is on the 21st of May this year and sign-up is open.
    Last year's was great.
    Starting in Edinburgh and looping round the borders this year, which in my experience has some of the best 'gravel' riding in the country.
    Think the organiser (who is really nice/helpful) said entry guaranteed if you sign up in January.

  • Would anybody say it was a shit idea to do this in the middle of a 3 month long European tour? I would have a much heavier setup than if I was packed just to do this route on its own.
    Were talking rear rack with 2 ortlieb front panniers (25L) with a tent strapped on top kind of jobby.
    I could probably do the whole trip with 2 inch tyres and I've got pretty low gears.

  • My only concern is if you have a really front-heavy setup and how that would handle on steep descents, keeping rear wheel traction, etc. Could you put some weight at the back?

    Otherwise, I expect it would be fine. Obviously you'd be a bit slower with more gear, but you know that.

    EDIT - just read it properly - the 'front panniers' and tent won't actually be on the front! I was struggling to visualise it... In that case, no problem!

  • I think the time I rode it, people were riding with similar or heavier setups tbh. Think Surlys with a lot of luggage on racks etc. Doesn't sound too different.

  • I rode it on a pretty front heavy setup. Was fine. If/when I do it again I'd probably try and go a little lighter (bivvy rather than tent definitely), but I'd do it if you can, it's a great route. Plus if you have the various alternate route options you can always avoid some of the rougher bits/bike carrying. Though don't miss the Via del Sale.

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  • Yeah writing easy to read sentences is definitely not one of my gifts.
    I will have 2x 12.5L panniers on the rear with a dry bag on the top of the rack.

    Thanks for the advice everyone :)

  • I’d never ride it with shelter again. 3kg of extra shit to carry when I slept in beds every night (lots of reasons, mostly I wanted to). That route (for me) didn’t need it.

  • I mostly stayed in proper beds/rifugios, but I think I'd happily carry the extra camping weight again for the couple of bits of mountain top camping I did.
    But would take a bivvy instead of a tent and ditch the camping stove which I barely used.

    Anyway, regardless of weight/equipment, just do it. As long as you've got low gears then no reason to rush the climbing.

  • But would take a bivvy instead of a tent and ditch the camping stove which I barely used.

    That is precisely the mindset I am going back with this year. Bivvy instead of tent, cooking gear simplified to only 125g gas canister, MSR pocket rocket and 1 titanium mug every 2 people to boil some water for that bag of adventure food we will have, just in case we decide/have to stop somewhere without anything around.

  • I think I might have carried my emergency camping food from the start to the end without touching it - too easy just to get/make takeaway sandwiches (Unless you're vegan I suppose) or stop for nice meals & then just have a bunch of emergency energy bars.
    Plus availability of cheap espressos everywhere meant I barely even made myself hot drinks when camping.

  • Agreed. Isn't that the very definition of emergency food though? If you don't have an emergency you won't need it. I think I have some that has been on a few long rides already :)

  • I suppose I'm happy having non-cooked emergency food. I did have images of cooking leisurely sunset meals on mountain tops, but for one reason or another this never actually happened.

  • The only emergency I had was being caught in a storm on the Agnel. It had the potential to be a serious issue I suppose but I spent the night in the refuge on the French side and all was good. Hot shower, dried my kit, good food and a beer gave me a more positive outlook tho. Also got a great photo of the whole mess from a passing MTB photographer.

  • I love seeing this thread bumped, in my head I keep planning to do this but never be able to execute :( maybe this year.

  • If you have time to cook your food it's not an emergency.

  • Do it - I'm half intending to do it again this year.
    (had a signficant birthday which sort of allow me to justify the time away).

    I got really lucky with weather, only had a few hours with any proper rain over the whole week. But people who were faster than me got caught in snow at the top of the Finestre.
    Think I spent quite a bit of my ride up the Agnel having to dip my head in streams to cool down.

  • Sad i haven't done this yet. Maybe next year. Credit card/refugio option sounds more appealing, and doable now than the hardcore bikepacking trip i was planning on year one.

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Torino - Nice Rally

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