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  • In certain circumstances only.

    Current supply chain issues being one of those circumstances and any mention I make of the Sprinter comes with the caveat/side note about how Conti classify it etc.

  • @M_V wow! Thanks for the wealth of info. It does seem like a minefield and could certainly benefit from some standardisation!
    @leggy_blonde thanks for clarifying re. The compounds.
    I’m only planning to ride at Newport so only indoors. I’m sure when I’ve used their hire bikes a couple were on Zaffiro slicks which don’t seem to be available any more but the last one I used definitely had a ‘treaded’ road type tyre on it.
    I think the Challenge Pista will be a worthy investment as I don’t plan on riding more than once a week.

  • Yeah that's fair enough. I used them at Herne Hill for years but remember going to Newport for some madison training with them and thought "never again!"

  • Zaffiros are what is on our hire fleet and I believe the hire bikes at Manchester

    It was Zafiro Slicks 700c on all bikes but Conti Gatorskin 650c on the 39cm frames. All those bikes went back to Dolan when the arena refurb began. As a consumable Zafiro slicks couldn't be sourced ahead of the closure, and an alternative hadn't been decided upon. It'll be interesting to see what the new fleet tyres are.

    I still have concerns over the lack of a standardised approach across all the indoor Velodromes, following the Newport case in terms of consequences both as a rider (physical) and for track side coaches (legal), and despite raising this with my local venue operator & bc this has gone nowhere afaik.

  • Ah ok.

    I’ve probably ridden our tandems which used to have sprinters on them but that’s the extent of my experience using them.

  • Yeah, BC didn’t seem to want to get involved.

    I’ve had youths come to our track with wildly inappropriate tyres and when questioned they’d been recommended by BC pathway coaches so probably best they keep their nose out of it tbh.

  • For what it's worth, the hire bikes at Lee Valley have Conti GP5000 clinchers...

    My son thinks they grip better than the Veloflex Record tubs I have on my track bike. (He's ridden both and felt like my tubs were slipping down when going slow round the banking).

  • Interesting.

    I think Conti has maybe made some changes to their site. There's now a 'Road and Track' section which when you click into it has options for 'Clincher' or 'Tubular'. I don't think it used to be like that.

    The charts which have a 'track/indoor' section for tubs but not clinchers are still the same though. These obviously pre-date the GP Supersonic (which imo looks to be the more track suitable tyre) as it isn't on the clincher one.

    When you click into the GP Supersonic it does say "This tyre is intended for race use only in solo events on the road or as an all-round track clincher (indoor & outdoor), and is not recommended for road races or training rides due to its short tread life."

    The GP5000 does not mention track.

    I kind of wish they'd just remove the charts, they are out of date anyway and the opinion at Glasgow at least is that by having a 'track/indoor' section on the tub one but not the clincher one, they are as good as saying "We don't make track suitable clinchers."

  • So the Challenge Pista tyres arrived today. On the plus side they do generally feel like a quality tyre and the tread surface is very ‘sticky’ out the box. None of the sheen you normally get with road tyres.
    On the negative I’m a little concerned that there are patches of the tread where it looks like the manufacturer hasn’t quite applied enough rubber….
    Could be a bit dodgy riding on banking no? What do you think?

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  • The shiny stuff on the edge? Looks like excess adhesive to me. The tread will come in one piece and then is glued to carcass by hand.

  • Thank you; yes! It looks like my early morning eyes may have deceived me. I can’t rub it off and don’t have any chemicals to hand but it could be adhesive. It really does look like the tread has gaps in it at the edges but hopefully your suggestion is correct. Will see if alcohol will remove it later.

  • Just for the benefit of anyone reading this: I’d sanded my new track tyres a little at home. Got to the track and they were still too squeaky / slippery. Sanded the shit out of them with some emery cloth and they were fine.
    In hindsight I should have just done a few road miles on them!
    Lesson: just because they’re ‘track’ tyres doesn’t mean they’ll be good to go out the box.

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Track Tyres

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