Working a job you hate to buy things you don’t need...

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  • I’m toying with the idea of a Bokeh - the only downside to the Open is that it doesn’t take guards, which the Bokeh does. Plus it’s the same colour and looks mint with horizons. However, being honest with myself I ride mainly road and when I do go off road I’ll normally use the mtb. A definition would make more sense for the roads round here (Tunbridge Wells).

    No bike in Columbia, just conferences and avoiding being stabbed/shot. Had my company safety briefing yesterday, scary stuff..

  • Did you survive the trip?

  • Columbia - terrifying and cool in equal measures. Bogotá - cold and windy all year round, not sure I could stand that every day.

    Anyway, on the bike front it’s all change. Storck and Open have been sold and I’ve stuck DI2 on the Cervelo. I’ve also resurrected the GT as a winter bike, moving the stuff over from the Open. Now, someone somewhere told me that gravelkings in 650b would fit. Someone somewhere is a lying bastard and now I have a set of wheels that barely fit. Like, literally a fag papers width between tyre and chainstay. So it’s back to the drawing board on the wheel/tyre front or I just accept it and stick the hunts back on (once I find the axle converters).

    It’s still not pretty but for some reason I like the old barge...

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  • It wasn’t me, I think. But I have been riding an alloy Grade with 42mm Gravel Kings for two years now. Nice bike!

  • Any updates on bikes and the car?

  • Yes! Well, quite a few actually (thanks for asking!).

    M6 is fixed and sold. I didn't even get to drive it but to be honest with my luck it was for the best. I've actually bought a motorbike to replace it, something equally as unreliable and probably just as expensive to fix. However it's very pretty to look at when you're sat on the side of the A12 waiting for Greenflag to turn up which is more than can be said for the M6.

    Bike wise, the Cervelo has now gone and I'm down to just the GT. Which is back on a double with the new Ultegra 8000 and the 700c wheels back in as the 650b did mental stuff to the handling. I've split the Airborne down and built up a dirt jump bike (minus the Jones bars) so I can head over to the pump track - something I've got quite in to.

    And following a bit of a punt from a car whilst out riding the roads, I've binned road riding off and now ride mainly MTB. I've bought a Giant Anthem for racing and a Stumpjumper Evo for trail centres and the like. The Anthem is a flexy rocketship, properly fast but not a big fan of skids and wheelies. The stump jumper is....Ok...not great. It needs a decent rear shock on it and the forks need playing with which I've not got round to yet. And some better brakes, SRAM Guides are utter toss.

    As you can tell, I'm not married, I don't have kids and I've the mental age of about 6. I'm not buying anything for the next 6 months....

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  • Desperately needs Termis

  • Yes it does - however it's £2.5k for a system which is mental. I'm keeping an eye on ebay to see what comes up, but people seem to realize what they are worth and therefore you'll pay nearly the same for a 2nd hand one as you would a new one. The benefit is that it saves a load of weight too, the downside being it'll be even louder than it already is which I'm not particularly keen on. I'd imagine it's already at the limit of what's allowed on track days which is what this will be mainly used for.

  • Back around 2006 did you used to drive a Honda Prelude?

  • Err, yes! A red one, 2.2 import. Unless I owe you money in which case no.

  • Pics of Stumpy pls

  • Sure thing. Stock except for renthal carbon black bars, hope 35mm stem and fabric saddle. It’s not bad, but as said the rear shock isn’t great and the brakes are pony.

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  • No money, but like me you’re forum name is the same here as on forums past (chocolate foot).

    We rode a few times when I lived in Woburn and worked for Trek.

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Working a job you hate to buy things you don’t need...

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