Rude lunchtime Rudy

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  • New job means I'm not commuting by bike any more. Botched knee op means no long weekend rides either. I can manage short rides on the flat if I take it easy and there's a nice lake and some trails near work. A lunchtime off-road slave bitch is in order.

    Picked up this Rudy Project frame on Retrobike. Not entirely sure where I'm going with it yet, but I like my HHSBs, risers and plastic front wheels. So far I've got some black hi rise Monkey Lites on their way, pink mushroom grips and a fuchsia seat post. Would quite like a Spin front wheel for all teh lols. Everything else is going to be black, I think, and easy 1x9/10/11 gears to soothe my poorly knee.

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  • I feel bad for your knees, it must suck not to be able to ride longer distances. :(
    The project seems good tho, keep us posted!

  • you should get some black Paul motolite brakes ..

    .. a pair that I am selling ;)

  • Tasty... but they might be a bit too swag for this!

  • Some candy has arrived in the post.

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  • I already like where this is going:)

  • @vp1337 yeah it's really frustrating. Looking at getting another MRI so I can see what they've done and if it's fixable.

    @kjlem mwahahaha :D

    I'm going to have to find a front-loading quill stem because the bend in these risers won't go through. Need to tap you guys up for some classic mtb info. If the quill measures what looks like 1-1/8" (29mm dead, with a vernier) does that make it a 1-1/4" threaded steerer?

    Will probably have more questions once the cranks arrive, when I'll need to work out what sort of BB to use. The frame has what looks like a normal 68mm threaded shell like on a road bike. eBay pic attached.

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  • Speaking of which...

    Chainring is a bit more knackered than I would have hoped. For reference for me later: 104bcd. The plan for the cranks is to mask up the logo panel, blast them and repaint in satin black.

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  • This is looking lairy!

  • Cranks look much better after a quick blast and some satin black. Should wear back in nicely, but I'm considering knocking the paint back off the fronts and lightly polishing...

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  • Such a nice frame. Seems anything Rudy on wheels has to be pink + purple!

  • ^lol

    Pink seatpost is quite bright! I'm hoping the spazzy logos come off with a bit of acetone.

    So, under the bed we've also got:
    -pink cables
    -Chinese carbon risers in 2x2 finish as an alternative
    -SRAM X0 long cage mech
    In the post:
    -yellow Selle Turbomatic
    -9 speed cassette
    Still need to sort:
    -wheels and tyres
    -bottom bracket
    -stem, if I can't wriggle the bars into this one

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  • Yellow saddle on this is going to look all kinds of wrong/right at the same time, Cant wait to see this built up!

  • If you are going for canti brakes, I have a pair of green Kooka racha levers I might be parting with.

  • @hp93 yeah I think the saddle might be a step too far! I mainly got it to see if I get on with it, tbh, and it can go on one of my other bikes.

    Been looking at wheels but I've sort of reached a point where they might make or break the look. One side of me wants to go Mavic SUP in black or gunmetal with dark hubs, but they'll clash with the purple/black scheme. I'm thinking de-stickered black rims on black hubs will probably look better, even budget ones, with tan wall tyres if I can find them.

    Either way, these bits are staying...

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  • Cheers for the offer. Probably going to go all-black V brakes. Green will definitely be one colour too many.

  • Saddle. Some spare risers thrown in the hole for overall effect. I think it's the seatpost. Need black seatpost.

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  • I agree, go black with the seatpost. The frame's color is mental tho, gonna be amazing!

  • Aghh! Plug socket switched on with nothing plugged in!

  • Ha! Probably the least used socket in the house too!

  • seatpost and steam would actually look good in silver i think not a polished silver though.

  • I agree. Would need silver wheels as well, though, or at least rainbow anodised rims on silver hubs.

  • Few extra bits winging their way here. Wheels arrived. eBay seller let me down with some fooked Shimano DX levers which would have looked cool. Black carbon seatpost on its way over from China. Did a quick mockup of what I've got to check the size. Bang on. Used the penny trick to get the bars in, which worked a treat.

    Need to do some de-stickering of the wheels and take a couple off the frame so it's just the big Rudy Project ones. The cheap V brakes don't look too bad but are properly shit. Not very slave either. We'll see how long they last.

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  • Orient express hilarity. Was expecting a round seatpost to arrive from China, but this aero one arrived instead. How they can make a carbon aero seatpost for £10.50 delivered from China I don't know. Actually, I probably don't want to know. I'm pleased with the tyres though.

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  • That seatpost looks funny but how safe is it for 10.50 quids? :P

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Rude lunchtime Rudy

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