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  • Please document (he says selfishly)

  • Have hit a major roadbump…

    1) the spacers for my ventus are really small compared to the massive wattshop wedges and the combo is fugly if nothing else
    2) the wattshop wedges are an aero foil shape but the pointy bit goes at the front, isn’t this the wrong way around?!

    Have contacted a local engineering company about making some spacers that match…

  • Have cracked on with the internal routing, and got 75% of the way through before discovering my current brake hose is too short!

    The routing in the fork is pretty simple, my guide cable took a few attempts to get it working perfectly but got there in the end, and the same trick worked in the bars…

    I needed to take the front callipers off the fork to give enough flexibility to pull and push the hose out and back in, and first fmgi around I didn’t route the hose through the centre of the integrated stem, thankfully I had to back out once I realised the hose was too short!

    New hose ordered and I go again!

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  • I wonder if I cut the steerer If I might have enough hose…?

  • Rear brake and extensions installed, and top cap drilled to accept a hose through it, now just need to grow a pair and cut the steerer and new front hose should arrive tomorrow…

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  • Looking great. I'm into those grips what are those ?

  • Thanks i didn't realise they were a complete system. I was hoping they might be compatible with my TRP levers They look like a great alternative to the ergons which must be discontinued. I've only recently installed some expensive minimal "aero" tape and want something more substantial but clean looking for my base bar.

  • New brake hose arrived, annoyingly it’s slightly bigger diameter to the old one, but I’m beyond worrying too much now…

    I’ve conservatively cut the fork, but think I need to do it again a bit shorter which is annoying but not the end of the world, as a result I haven’t refitted and bled the front brake but the latest test fitting is reasonably good, a bit of tweaking on cables to hide them more is possible.

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  • think I need to do it again a bit shorter which is annoying

    Since the ring you slice off the top is scrap, you can also split it to pass the hose, so you don't have to do your plumbing over again.

  • This is something you usually think of once you have the fully disassembled front brake in front of you. :D

  • The plumbing bit is relatively easy, but slightly interested in the idea as it might give a beater routing for the cable if it came out of the side…

    The idea of making a round tube not round anymore is a bit frightening though…

  • Annnnd I’m done!

    Turned out I’d just plonked a massive spacer on top of the stem and so once I took it off, the steerer wasn’t that long, other than a complete failure of doing up the hose going into the front brake it was a relatively easy process.

    Still need to set the angle on the bars and the length of the extensions…

    Not 100% happy with the cables but think the di2 should be easy to hide and will have a think about the front routing..

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  • 👏

  • Smart. Are your extensions wonky?

    Edit: I mean different lengths

  • No the angle of the spacers are adjustable and I’d not set them correctly, it’s fixed now but the bike is on the turbo for a bit!

  • First ride out today at lunch, just having a cruise seeing how everything felt, hands are definitely too high, but otherwise all good, it’s a bit twitchy with elbows so close together though.

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  • Been looking at wheels, think I’ve settled on Light bicycles new disc wheel and their 88m front built in dt Swiss 240 hubs, should come in at about 1150g for the rear so pretty light compared to most of the other similarly priced options at about 1300g (parcours and prime being the two others in consideration)

  • Front wheel has arrived, light bicycle 88mm front with dt Swiss 240 hub and cx ray spikes, and now on the bike (although I couldn’t bring myself to race with it set up like this) also have a new garmin mount/light holder and a light, super impressed how bright it is, perhaps not the most aero place but feels tidy from a rider perspective.

    Rear wheel is still in production but will be light bicycles new disc, again with a dt Swiss 240 hub, hopefully here in early June!

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Cervelo TT Bike p2 > p series

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