• I will have a look and report back

  • laser mode on. you have pics?

  • That sounds crazy

  • I'm out on the Colnago
    But second dibs on the Guercotti road frameset if @tokaicarl drops out
    PM sent

  • Regarding the other BOB. It's stunning and I'm pretty sure it's not for sale as of now. But as a work of art and craft it's unreal.

    There is also full bike Harry quinn 753 with curvy down and seattube with full itm aero bar setup. I'll try listing it on Wednesday

  • i'm out mate-- its all yours-- bloody nice too skint!!

  • Interested in the Argos. Where are you based?

  • Oh, Store St, obviously. Sorry.

    Be up for popping in tomorrow to see it.

  • Did you managed to squeeze in some bulbous 28's. Being the vintage that it is I expect it can but it's always prudent to check.

  • i just put in 25c durano skids in and there is lots of clearance in the fork.
    On the bike if you run the adjusters all the way out or remove them completely it should clear 28c with ease. Depending on the brand also. you will have to deflate or force the wheel in though since the dropout are semi horizontal

  • Here's a shout-out for @broken_77 who made sure the Guercotti road frame was all ready for me and even fitted a free seat post bolt when I stopped by earlier today. Top bloke

  • updated info on Daccrodi
    Its a 650 front/700c rear

  • Dibs on the Daccordi!

  • If this is your first lo pro, keep in mind that it's somewhat difficult to determine the right size. Size 54 on a lo pro sounds like it might be a bit small for you when compared to your other bikes. That being said, I'm looking forward to your build, no doubt it'll be immaculate as usual.

  • Yes this will be my first lo pro build. Yeah I know it's hard to tell if it's my size but it's not going to be ridden a lot so it's not so important for me. Thanks, it will be a very long project but those are the most fun ofcourse!

  • 650 for sale, for all all of your low pro needs! https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3010­02/#comment13497133

  • Any chance in selling that Tri spoke? Also is it carbon bro? Thankssss

  • The one from the daccordi?

  • Is the Tommasini still for sale? Dibs if still available.
    What is the price?
    Send you a pm

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All sort of steel frames for sale, Lo-pros and the like ,updated constantly

Posted by Avatar for broken_777 @broken_777