Eurosport Player promotion 1 year = £20

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  • The better link to the Eurosport promotion:

  • Reminder that the £20 for a year deal expires tonight.

  • It’s annoying that Eurosport always show the race finish/winner as the image you can click on for the highlights

  • Yep this always hacks me off too. I’ve been meaning to email them to tell them to cut it out, this reminded me to do it. I’m sure they'll stop soon now!

  • I complained to them a couple of weeks ago about it (on Twitter) and had a very quick reply apologising. I don't think they do it that often; it's not been the case with anything I've seen using On Demand since.

  • Just realised we have a chrome cast - so using this and eurosport player on iOS to watch on tv. I feel like an amateur - how do i use the controls - pause, fast forward etc? If i go into the eurosport app it takes playback (on the tv) right back to the beginning.

    Is it because i'm watching the amstel gold highlights that are on now, but started later?

  • anyone seen if eurosport are doing this again?

  • No sign of it so far. I ended up signing up for discovery+ (has all the Eurosport coverage too) back when they had a reduced price first year.

  • Can more than one user log in to the app/website simultaneously on different devices?...

    If so, does anyone want to share their account for some ££

  • Wow the GCN website is shite - is the app just as bad?
    Currently 2mins into waiting for it to respond to me creating a new account...

  • Anybody know if the Eurosport deal has happened yet?

  • Eurosport have replaced 'Eurosport player' with just the 'Eurosport app'.

    Best £40 I spend every year, but if I see any offers in the off season I will share here.

    Change appears largely cosmetic but I suspect none of us will know until the new cycling season and how they present stage highlights.

  • Wonder if renewal to just Eurosport will remain an option or if they'll force the Discovery+ route on everyone.

  • Discovery+ route on everyone.

    I suspect both Eurosport, as a brand, will disappear in a year or 2.

    GCN might stay as an online only concept for those chaps to do their Top Gear lite, but I by the time of the Paris Olympics, it will all be D+.

  • Really? Eurosport as a brand must hold tremendous value, recognition, trust. Are any of the other brands/ channels in the new merged entity going away?

  • Does the Eurosport app offer choice of language in the commentary like the GCN one does?

    The option of turning off Kirby in favour of the Italian commentary is worth its weight in gold.

  • Does Eurosport app have ability to cast to tv?
    And if it does, does it work reliably?

  • Does the Eurosport app offer choice of language in the commentary like the GCN one does?

    For big tours they sometimes have a feed option. No commentary at all.
    I have come to like Kirby, but he needs Sean King Kelly as an antidote, and the no- commentary is a bit dull.

    If you access via a VPN from another country, that is where you get the local version, but not by default

  • Does Eurosport app have ability to cast to tv? _ YES - definitely an option.

    And if it does, does it work reliably? - Err, previous iteration did, and I've tried to do it in the last 10 mins to no success - so no useful update for you.

  • Thanks - sounds good in principle, but not in practice.

  • thanks for posting this. i have been watching cx races on gcn with ambient sound and no commentary and i thought it was just a bug in the app or chromecast. i had a look last night and you can choose from loads of language options.
    i suspect the commentary will be occasionally annoying but at least it means i can be pretending to work and won't have to pay full attention to know what's going on.

  • Worth noting that the AppleTV app is going to disappear. The email said something about getting a Paramount+ subscription as a replacement.

    Or, I guess, cast from a phone/pad to the AppleTV... but that's far from ideal.

  • It’s Discovery+. The shut down of the Apple TV app appears to be a way of forcing users to Discovery+ or GCN+, as they both have apps on Apple TV. I definitely don’t want to go back to using a Chromecast, it’s so clunky.

  • I recently tried to revive my Eurosport subscription that I’d cancelled earlier this year. Only option was a new Discovery + subscription - £6.99 / month so great value I think - also no real difference to Eurosport player layout etc …but OMFG the adds…it’s removed all the pleasure I used to have just chilling to uninterrupted race coverage. They don’t even have an add free subscription option I can see.
    Fuck this shit…huge disappointment.
    I don’t think anywhere else has anything close to the race coverage unfortunately, especially the CX. 😢

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Eurosport Player promotion 1 year = £20

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