Disc brakes are dead

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  • Can't keep up with the pair of you!!! @cake @amey

  • wait .. whats 'sagged' ?

    I honestly read it as 'shagged' first.

    Also @Alb whats the deal with fork offset? The peasant (rockshox) forks only come in 51mm I think ..

    Should I just buy you several pints when you are in London if thats soon ..

  • Here is an image of the yoke for no reason:

  • We discussed sag- the amount that the suspension compresses when you are on the bike, all weight on the wheels (not propping yourself up with one foot).

    If it’s a hard tail then you’ll make the head angle steeper as the fork compresses, as it is getting shorter- make sense?

  • Not so important on a full suss as generally the front and rear sag equally so geo numbers will generally be the same for sagged vs unsagged (apart from bb drop).

    As @Dammit said a hardtail essentially pivots under sag so HTA and STA get steeper. Reach also gets longer under sag as stack decreases. The longer the fork travel the bigger the changes. For example you’ll get approx 15mm reach increase under sag on a hardtail with 150mm forks

  • Since you typed that, I did a reading/watching and now understand.

    The bird geo chart makes it quite clear. I am going to try and test ride one if I can (also @cake 's). But I am at a point in the deal where I have to make up the mind pretty soon so I might just ask him to draw me something based on Bird/Solaris MAX, 29" and 140mm fork.

  • Bird were designed by Swinley Forest riders. Doesn't get more SE than that.

  • Can't quite believe how quickly everyone has come around to the idea and are chatting like this isn't completely ridiculous.

  • Dibs this bike when it inevitably goes on sale.

  • For many these days the lanes are dead. It's all about being #Zone2Elite and driving your bike to the woods. I don't get it. How is that more fun that smashing along the A21 after taking Polhill in the big ring and getting called a 'fucking cunt' so many times the voices continue to rattle in your dreams?

  • Old Polhill or the new one?

  • new one, a classic @6pt move to get the average speed up with A21 chug at the end

  • and then he makes the ride private on strava

  • Amey is #Zone3Peasant though.

  • all fair points!

  • Single speed!

  • Someone on here had a nice Triton mtb

  • I am not strong enough.

  • find it pls!

  • Gabes has had a few, no? Though they might’ve been rigid/bikepacking type setups

  • This was mainly a joke. I only take my fixie in the lanes and so could not do (New ?) Polhill in the big ring

  • What the FUCK I thought Catford was Z2!

  • @smallfury, no? He's living the sleeveless life now I think.

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Disc brakes are dead

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