Disc brakes are dead

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  • Haha did lol a little then. Selling me those bars will help buy you a pedal

  • Any geometry on the drawing board?

    With 32mm tyres without mudgard and a TT of 53, you should be able to find a wheelbase of 97cm rather easy.

  • 97cm rather easy

    You reckon? I am hoping somewhere around that yeah. No geo work done yet. But thats the main focus of this bike.

  • Are u going custom fork?

  • yes

    with something like this

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    • Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 17.32.23.png
  • If you use a pump with a fixed head then you can rest the wheel against a vertical object (fence post for e.g.) with the pump head against said object - this makes it very easy to pump with gay abandon as you don't need to resist your own mighty pumping force, ending up red in the face but ultimately unsatisfied.

    With a hose'd pump you can't do this, or rather it's harder as the hose emerges from the part of the pump you'd need to rest against the fence post/wall/stile/etc.

  • Then I would copy the front from DF4 - 74 degrees with 30 rake or soften it a bit up with 73.5 and 35mm rake.

    If you plan on riding with a 130mm stem, you'll find yourself happy to sprint (in drops) with a front-end like that, but you'll might find hanging in the hoods (modern shape) a bit bus-driving, being so much over the front wheel.

  • Something like this then?

  • or this?

  • yep but with less shitty brakes and shorter wheel base

  • I've had some nice bikes eh?

  • justgocompressionless.gif

  • I've actually gone hydraulic

  • No DA brakes? You're really considering Potenza? Can we get the real @amey back pls

  • This build sounds gash.

  • Okay I'll put shimano on it

  • steel


  • Get a Cinelli Supercorsa.

    Best bike ever.

  • Buyers paradise because WHICH one.

  • The plane travelled so fast that the engine inlets needed special inlet spikes to slow down the supersonic air so that it didn't shatter the engines.

  • This is more trolly, than prolly: u r a brown Trump AICMFP (payable in Swiss Francs plz).

  • Do a radavist style satirical shoot. Ripped denim jean shorts, holding your bike above your head then doing jumps in Hyde park.
    Drawn on tattoos optional

  • Subscribed for the lels.

  • Long live disc brakes

  • mmmmmmmm

    But with curved lugged fork possibly with flat crown .. is that a Deda DT?

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Disc brakes are dead

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