Disc brakes are dead

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  • For this special occasion I pulled out all the stops, presenting my most proudest creation yet:

  • teach me your ways please

  • What a beautiful representation of @amey 's magnum opus. #rep @Tijs

  • Page 1:

    Disc brakes are dead

    Page 84:

    get SICK disc brake road bike
    ...I am just bored.

  • It’s been a wild ride. An emotional rollercoaster. I’m glad we were all in this together

  • For a thread that feels like a piece of content marketing it feels only right that the first pictures should come not from @amey himself but from invited social media influencers/opinion formers and feature a minor celebrity (Ludwig).

    I'm not convinced this is the end yet but I'm not sure what's next - a page on Indiegogo? Ludwig gets a complimentary 'DBAB' bike to do audaxes on? A 'soft launch'?

  • Amazing journey. Has the movie rights been sold yet?

  • He's probably still running the thread/social metrics before deciding on the next move.

  • Is this bike going to have DBAB decals?

  • but I'm not sure what's next

    Ironic DBAD pop-up store is my guess.

  • Is this bike going to have DBAB decals?

    DBAD-branded racktop bag I reckon

  • DBAD x Uber

  • but I'm not sure what's next

    I can tell you that, Fifty percent was I got soaked.

  • It comes with a free golden shower?

    Niche shit bike comes with piss, makes sense.

  • Repest of reps

  • I think I’m most upset that after all this ‘effort’ you used straddle hangers off a 70’s bso town bike :/

    Discovery Channel bike building show with drama levels on a par with RuPauls Drag Race is surely now in the pipeline? With Amey as host and creative consultant, edscoble as celeb mechanic and guest judges from the forum/ec1.

  • ‘effort’

    All on our part, that's the beauty of it

  • We have a BSO!

  • I almost can't believe it's over, feels like a part of me has died

  • This thread is necrotic, it keeps killing parts of me. It’s a gradual creeping rot.

  • what a random bike, looks like something scoble would build

    kind of like it

  • @amey how does it ride? Pleased with the brakes?

  • Yeah. Fuck the biek polis. Unapologetic build and ride what you like thread.

    My stance remains unchanged. Nice bike.

  • Rides surprisingly nice! Its heavy when you lift it but somehow don't feel the weight while riding and the brakes are awesome! It definitely needs a sub compact crank (and a longer chain ffs) and I might get a cheap front light only dynamo set up. In terms of carrying things, Carradice is sufficient for whatever I do in this country, might look into front rack set up mounted on brake bolts.

    It'll go to India in Feb and touring somewhere in Spring.


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Disc brakes are dead

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