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  • Thank you.

    Also do pots show in your total to budget?

  • Not sure I follow, but no you can’t categorise a pot as part of you budget if that’s what you mean??

    Choose the amount you aim to spend within a month, excluding anything you move into a pot. If you want to spend money from a pot, take it out and spend it, then it will come out of your budget. If you don’t want it to, tap on it and ‘exclude from summary’ and it won’t impact your budgeted amount.

  • Best to just set your monthly target spend amount in summary then take it from there. You’ll then work out the little bugs with how it works and figure your own work arounds.

  • Yeah that's probably the best bet - I'll see how it works come Jan once I'm paid...

  • I see that Tandem has decided to go for something a bit weird by getting rid of its credit card and instead charging a monthly fee of £5.99 for:

    Market-Leading Savings Rate: Accelerate your savings with a 1.50% AER on a Tandem Account. Apply for one now in-app

    Free Spending Abroad: You asked; we listened. No more interest on cash withdrawals abroad. Plus, continue to enjoy your holiday spending without fees

    0% Interest Charges: We’ll drop the standard interest rate on your card to 0% for all purchases and cash withdrawals. This means no interest charges on your balance – ever

    Worldwide Cashback: Did we mention you'll continue to earn 0.5% cashback on all purchases over £1 worldwide? Keep saving every time you spend

    Doesn't seem a particularly tempting offer. Think I need to find a new overseas credit card.

  • Market-Leading Savings Rate: Accelerate your savings with a 1.50% AER on a Tandem Account. Apply for one now in-app

    Which is also the same rate as Monzo isn't it?

  • Think it went down

  • Monzo give various rates on savings 'pots' which are provided by other firms. Think the most is 1.4% right now, but that is 6 month term. Ones with next day withdrawals are about 1.15%.

  • You snooze you lose, I guess.

    Pretty sure it was 1.5 at some point. Anyway, you could go direct to one of their providers:­ngs/personal-fixed-term-savings-account/­

  • Anybody look at their year in monzo review?

  • Yes. It told me I was in the top 13.8% of Pret fans. I have not found the need to share this on social media, as they suggest (edit: er, until this post)

    It also told my partner that they most frequently shopped at Paperchase, and made a sarky comment about how many gel pens they get through.


  • Yeah. 16 trips to Greggs in the last six months. Need to get my numbers up

    Edit: top 25%, but it's only over 6 months so really I'm more like top 12.5%

  • top 13.8% of Pret fans


  • I got top 2% Pret.
    The fucking shame.

    I put it down to the stint of 60 hour weeks I did in Canary Wharf where I ate it for breakfast lunch and dinner.

  • Unleash the hounds!

    Fucking maccas of sandwich shops. Support the indies.

  • Fucking maccas of sandwich shops.

    To be fair McDonalds sold their stake years ago. It's more the Krispy Kreme or Douwe Egberts of sandwich shops

  • I know, but they're still everywhere like McChucks. If you take my office there's maybe two indie sandwich shops and it's fucking surrounded by a dozen Prets. Fuck Pret.

  • N26 are closing their English banking operations because of Brexit

  • Seemed like an easy get out.

  • I don’t think they want to apply for a UK-only banking license, considering the number of UK customers they have

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Monzo / Mondo / Revolut banking

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