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  • Anyone using them?

    Was impressed by them at an AWS event a while back and meant to check them out.

    From my understanding, they are not yet offering a full current account but just a prepaid mastercard but still 0% fees for foreign spending sounds good.

  • Yes, its been a good experience so far, just topping up can be problematic at times, especially if you're at the till and you've got no money.

  • my girlfriend looked into those types of card a while back. she opted for Revolut at the time.
    (specifically for the prepaid card with zero foreign transaction fees, not for normal banking purposes)

  • Interestingly enough... if your card gets stolen/lost you can cancel it from the app, but if someone tried to use it, it'll say where they've done so and show you on the map, so you can track them down/report it to the police/get it back/kill them... happened to a friend of mine, the police did nothing, nor did HSBC, Monzo were on it though!

  • I have been using it for last few weeks.

    I like it. Good for tracking spending and clarifying where I waste all my money. Which is actually leading to a change in spending habits.

    The freezing card from the app is great too.

  • Been using mine for a couple of months. My girlfriend and a couple of pals have them too so it's been very handy for quickly shifting money to each other when it's owed for little things like cinema tickets etc.

  • Been using Monzo for a month. Impressed so far, will sign up to a current account when they're available. Hopefully it'll make the big banks catch up

  • I had a look at it - standard Mastercard FX rates, IIRC?

  • Been using Mondo for about 6 months - I find it is most useful for travelling because of the intra bank exchange rates and no withdrawal fees etc. App is great and the people behind it are really cool. None of this will change when they get the full banking status, they will make money from offering lines of credit.

    I've got a golden ticket, so if there is still a queue and you want to skip it let me know.

  • Revolut is also a good option, the guys behind that are great as well - raised £1m through crowdcube last year.

    One good thing is you can keep money on the card in different currencies - so if you got a particularly good fx rate on Euro you could top up £500 and then £500 in USD at an average rate - and when spending in USD the card would just use the dollars and not the Euro. If that makes sense

  • Been using it for 6 month just to keep track of more my every day spending will be better once they open a full bank tho.

  • Looks great. In the queue for a card.
    If anyone wants to sign up using my referral (just gets me a card quicker)

  • Been using since it launched on Android. Absolutely love it - being able to transfer my spending money to it on payday has taken all guesswork out of budgeting and being able to see exactly what I'm wasting my money on has genuinely changed my spending habits.

    Also been very useful on holiday.

  • I have a golden ticket if anyone is still waiting

  • Pm me your email

  • Anyone still need a golden ticket?
    I have 3... 2 now

    Reply if you need one.

    @popdown - have PM'd you

    2 left

  • hi @duncs. yes please!

  • Can I grab one too? Thanks.

  • If you go through the link on moneysavingexpert you don't have to queue.


  • Good find, I just skipped the queue

  • Epic. I ❤️ Monzo.

  • Ok I finally took the plunge on both Monzo and Revolut.
    On-boarding was amazingly easy. I recently set up a first direct bank account and it took over a month with all the paperwork going back and forth. Between receiving an invite link from a friend for Monzo to the "yes we are sending you a card and youre all good to go" message was 25 minutes, whilst walking to the train.

    Revolut was just as quick and pain free. I am impressed with the Revolut app and options on limiting types of transactions.

    looking forward to using them to see if I can budget more responsibly using them. small items only and once the amount has run out for the month then its gone.

  • Monzo for budgeting, Revolut for travelling. I tend to leave the Revolut card empty, and top up pre-use for foreign currency, or if I want to buy something from a less than convincing website. Means the card is essentially ring fenced - only has a non-zero balance for a few minutes at a time. Was turned off a little that Revolut wanted to charge me to send a contactless card to replace my normal one - felt a little punished for being an early(ish) adopter.

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Monzo / Mondo / Revolut banking

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