60 plus and still going strong

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  • Ah, I'm sure it's a good place to be right now!

  • I appreciate all the gentle trolling from you lot,
    I've got better things to do than repeatedly see this thread on the first page of 'Today'
    as I progress through the last week of my '50s!

  • I'm a week and a half into my 60s. Mortgage ends in 10 days, then I've got to get another one to fund half the value of the house for the soon to be ex-Mrs Savage. I am having a fucking marvellous furlough holiday though.

  • 60 plus is a good place to be right now :)

  • Missed this thread previously, just about coming up to +2. Been out most days since start of lock down, luckily live just next to quiet trails. Getting fitness back and now -10kg on start of lock down weight.

  • (still 3 months before I can post here)

  • I’ve just tried to apply for a TFL freedom pass and it’s changed. It’s now inline with your pension age not 60. I wonder if this is part of the deal that bailed out TFL last week?

  • As it is up here in the North. The only thing of benefit is free prescriptions

  • It's been that way for sometime but you should be able to get a 60+ Oyster card. The only difference, I think, is that a Freedom Pass allows you to free use of buses anywhere across the country (as well as full public transport use across London) whereas a 60+ card does not. This may, of course, all change temporarily/permanently soon.

  • Thanks for this, I didn’t realise they were different. I will apply for one.
    @paininthe Thanks too for the free script knowledge. I spend a bit infrequently on NHS pills. Shame they don’t allow free bus use anywhere else in the UK.

  • 2 views of yesterday's ride....

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  • Is that food van on the A4, near Twyford?

  • Evening ride

  • Nah. Woods are at Birdlip and van is in Gloucester.

  • Where's that then?

  • St Aidans
    Quite a story and shows the power of open cast coal.
    It links in with the canal and woodland paths and can easy do 20 plus miles all off road with barely a mile of linking road.

  • Nice. RSPB reserve too. Pedalling and twitching! Good combo... :-)

  • The whole area is made of ponds and parkland all reclaimed industrial land and rail lines. Some is quite rough but not in a scary way. It has really got busy since start of lockdown. Once upon a time I could have it to myself. Three possibly four RSPB reserves in that area of the Aire Valley. Red kite, cormorant, heron, grebe, little tern readily spotted.

  • Never too old for wood.....

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  • My favourite places. Seen them change from winter , through spring in to their glory now during my statutory exercise.

  • Yesterday I rode a serious track uphill to woodland trails then roads and roadhills home. About 55km. I can push on, really squeeze out the last dregs of effort towards the top of a hill or when scooping out of a bombhole or chasing that last km home. At those points I feel the same as I did as a fit man at 40. That's where the comparison ends. Arriving home I ease a leg off the saddle (thank the Lord for dropper posts because they were made for this moment), struggle to reach for keys in my back pockets, open the front door and crash on the bottom stair. Wife sends me to the shower, I resist crashing on the bed, grab water and 2 paracetamol and hit the sofa. Saturday afternoon rides leave me knackered. But a couple of painkillers knock the edge off, 2 cold beers help too. Bloody love it! Hope I never stop

  • Just been checking my Garmin account, thought i'd not ridden for a year. Well except for three days in June 2019 in Spain it was, and they were mainly Brompton commutes albeit about 5miles each way.
    Like to do 30k rides, its about 2hrs out of my day with getting ready and getting sorted after. Did the canal and woods on friday, absolutely blathered in mud and rain but my normal average of 11.6. Did the villages north of Leeds yesterday afernoon, all road but hillier and 12.6. This is all on my retro Kona Lavadome.

  • I'm still here. Maybe that could be the name of another thread? Lost the plot for a month with fucking sciatic pain caused by nipped nerves caused by pelvic imbalance caused by pinned sacro-iliac caused by falling off at speed and spooning my bike into a tree. I like spooning. And bikes. And trees. But not all at the same time. So. Fuck off sciatic pain. I know riding eases the pinch so the solution to fucking up my back by falling off my bike is to ride my bike without falling off. Such circular symmetry. So, after watching today's TdF I'm out on 2 wheels. Pain free.

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60 plus and still going strong

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