60 plus and still going strong

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  • This 59 year old can't handle long distances anymore. I can't get on with anything after 55 miles or so - I've had enough!
    However 3 rides a week at 35-40 miles is bang on. I've lost over a stone recently by doing Less !! Go figure!
    I'm looking forward to my freedom pass, cheaper rail travel and the ability to tour all over the uk.

  • Have a gander at the middle aged thread. It's quite amusing. Topic du jour. Nose hair.
    They have no idea......

  • Does anyone get this vibe from conversations with family /peers that they'd secretly wish you'd pack it in ?
    Passed off as concern for wellbeing/safety I suspect is more an expression of relief (if you announced that you had actually packed it in) that they no longer feel guilt and envy about something they don't/won't do.

    Can I just mention that I don't reflect on coming off/crashing as interesting anymore ?

  • I've been spoken to seriously by my wife who worried whilst I commuted through N London. Especially after a second off and face plant within 18 months. Some injuries you just can't hide! I changed things as a result. Bought hi viz, moved my training miles to Regents Park and never ride without a helmet. I think she's worked out I'd be a miserable fecker to live with if I packed it in. So we've reached a happy medium. The kids are concerned in the way kids are....for about 30 seconds.

  • Quiet on this thread! Yet our cohort of 60 plussers must be growing day by day! Declare yourselves my fellow sexagenarians. Which bits hurt most?

  • Why can't people shut a fucking door? It's cold outside. Folks come inside. Tooting Common Café. And leave the door wide open? I get up and close it. I notice these same born-in-a-field losers mouth breathe too, whilst peering at the menu above the counter. Then ask for something that isn't on the menu. Failing to order they leave....and...yep...leave the fucking door open.

  • Maybe this needs it's own thread, although it could be a 60+ issue only?

  • Sometimes feels like you're talking to yourself ini?

  • Oh Yeh. I'm getting used to that too. Responding to my own thread.

  • well you are an inspiration to me.

    i'm merely 44.5 , it gives me deep joy to hear about people riding in their 60s, in their 70s and beyond - something to look forward to!

  • Well I'm sure you'll be around to open the 80 plus and still going strong thread :)

    The 40's are a bit preoccupied with the housing market at the moment but they will eventually catch up.

  • Think I used to see you in bis gym all the time and around crouch end. Glad you’re back on the bike.

  • Hi jv, trying to think of who you are but failing miserably I'm afraid - any clues?
    Still try to get to the bis (beis) gym now and again and usually out on the bike most days for one reason or another. In Isle of Sheppey this w/e for a bit of bracing seaside riding. Best, Alan

  • Recognised you from the card you posted. Hmm I am tallish, 30s, often in Sidis in gym. Enjoy the riding!

  • 30's? What are you doing camping out on my thread?

  • Ah yes, know you now from the description and Crouch End/gym link; was a great day for some leisurely riding by the coast - not sure I would have wanted to be fishing in the competition, though!

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  • I now talk to the telly.

  • The day after my 62nd birthday I get a kit in the post from the NHS to gather a sample or 2 to test for bowel cancer. The joys of getting old. Scraping poo off a stick onto a card and putting it in a prepood(?) envelope.

    PS I'm clear.

  • There's an old joke, possibly Galton & Simpson/Hancock. Gent told to take a stool sample to the central London teaching hospital. He purloins a tupperware and pretty much fills it. Sets off on the Tube. Inevitably the stench causes other passengers to move away. Arrives at the appointment to be told by the Consultant, (possibly Richard Wattis), 'Good god man, we only need a thimblefull!'.

  • PS I'm clear.

    Good man! Gruesome tho ini?

  • I did this twice and they discovered some 'abnormal results' so had the colonoscopy.
    They discovered 4 Polyps. These were removed and I'm clear but will need a follow up colonoscopy .
    Watching the procedure reminded me of a light installation in the Greenwich foot tunnel .

  • Oh Christ. WTF!!!!! That image....

    I've snorted all bran over the breakfast table.....

  • They gave me some pictures of the event to take home with me.
    I'll post them up if I can be arsed.


  • So. At 62 and 3/4 I've bought my first geared road bike. I've existed on Scott and Lapierre mtbs, a vintage Raleigh fixed and a Cotic single speed til now. But local Gloucestershire hills ask for gears. Loving it! Especially that whirring of cogs n chain when there's only me, a hedge either side and fields beyond. Is there no end to cycling pleasure?

  • And now I've added early morning runs with the dog and installed some rusty weights and a bench in the garage I'm hoping Benjamin Button syndrome will kick in and I'll be picked for the local rugby squad. I'm hanging out in the club bar most nights trying to look available. 😀

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60 plus and still going strong

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