Indian Pacific Wheel Race - IndiPac - IPWR

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  • Not sure how to feel about following it to be honest.

  • Nah, fuck it. If I could've predicted this shutdown shit I could've gone home and done this instead of sitting here trying to get refunds on flights, accom., trains, gigs...

  • Absolute reckless bollocks. Shouldn't have gone ahead since Mike Hall's death, let alone in a pandemic.

  • The only thing reckless about this is the driving of the Aussies.

  • Is it 20 riders?

    Lots of names struck through.

  • Well, state borders have been announced as closed ... so it looks like they won't get from WA into SA without 14 day mandatory self isolation.

  • no one saw that coming.

  • Well, the Olympic Games are going ahead as well, no?

  • On another note though, I fully expected a curfew or lockdown of some kind, but I didn't expect interstate travel restrictions ... Don't think that's ever been done before?

  • they are likely to be delayed.

  • I've never heard of state border closures before.

    Thing with SA there's already border inspections to prevent fruit fly so it's gonna be hella easy to stop traffic on that road. But on a bike you could cross anywhere so even if you didn't do the race route you're unlikely to be slowed too much getting further east.

  • I'm going to assume that's meant to be funny, and hope you know what I mean

  • Just stating what people not giving a fuck are likely to be thinking.

  • Truth. I'm getting really very worried realising just how little of a fuck people have in Australia. When the UK and US are taking things more seriously than us, you know we're doomed.

  • Aussies: apathy + large dose of self-confidence = not my problem, she'll be right, it won't get me.

    Personally I feel similar, ie. "come at me bro, I've dealt with worse" and yet I'm sitting at home, minimising trips outside, keeping distance when I do, washing hands, yada yada, because I don't want to be the cunt that gets it and spreads it to some old dear down the supermarket.

    Solo bike rides though I'm all in favour of even if I am doing all mine indoors these days.

  • Yep, I'd say that pretty much nails it. Some kid (19 or 20 or thereabouts) on Instagram put up a bunch of pictures of him out bush camping in his ute and about 10 mates saying 'My kinda self isolation', so I'm going to delete the internet soon I think. Feels like a good real-world example of what you just wrote. Which state are you in?

  • I've been in London for 15 or so years! I'm a Vic boy though.
    My family is mostly Vic and WA now. Was chatting to my bro this morning which is where I heard about those border closures. Where are you at?
    Or did you mean mental state in which case, nominally disheveled.

  • I don't know guys, from what I can see in SA there are a lot of fucks given. Everything is huuuugely reduced.but then maybe that's just the suburbs I live in and the CBD, and the party moved elsewhere.

  • It's probably easier to notice one way or the other if you're in a city. How many trucks are crossing the SA border though?

  • I'm in Victoria mainly (Melbourne), but we bought a place in Tasmania year before last so I've been splitting time between the two. Missed the boat on getting down there for isolation purposes. Melbournians are taking what appears to be zero action on staying home where possible, basically just because people haven't told them explicitly to do so. We're all fucked.

  • Very similar to here. Government says don't go out so everyone goes to Richmond Park. :S

    US mobilising military. Oz don't have much chance with that, country is just too big.

    People will get it when their mates are struggling to breathe and fighting for respirators...

    One of the guys I work with just flew back to Melb from here and he's using a basket on a rope to get supplies from his parents during his 14 day iso so not everyone is taking the piss, but we probably saw more of the Italy impact so it's maybe a bit more real for us whereas Oz never gets any of this stuff. It's all too far away to be a problem.

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Indian Pacific Wheel Race - IndiPac - IPWR

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