Indian Pacific Wheel Race - IndiPac - IPWR

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  • I could have brought you Tim-Tams if you'd mentioned it...

  • Figured you had enough on your plate with the kidlets and I really don't need extra biscuits in my life :)


    Doesn't look available here (yet). I'm going to try and get a copy in Oz I reckon

    I bought this as a Google book, basically I read it on my phone which works OK - so I can easily read it instead of working, etc.
    Quite interesting, mainly to reminisce about the places I passed through and to get snippets of info that I didn't realise.
    One interesting thing I didnt realise was that Kristof apparently made a point of being last to leave the start.
    He's pretty open that he is a beginner at this, making some basic errors like not checking kit beforehand and not charging his back light, and generally faffing for Australia.
    He gets a confused about the self sufficiency rules, turning down offers of drink from trail angels, yet accepting a loan of a spare phone from another rider after he loses his. Also gets to roadhouse just after its closed and accepts food and share of room from another rider ahead of him.
    Very different ride experience from mine: he meets up with a group of riders every night, has dinner, a couple of beers, shares a room with 2-3 others, chats half the night, agrees what time they'll have breakfast and then they all wait for each other, but set off separately. He was actually ahead of me on the first day, but he aims to stop before dark each night, essentially for safety reasons, which kind of limits his daily range, so he quickly fell back.
    I hadn't realised that the guys at the back had had shitty weather - not as much headwind as I had but he got a few days of rain.
    I've just got to Border Village - enjoying it.

  • Cheers. I still want to do the ride one day, either as a race or ITT kinda thing so it'll be good to read anyway I reckon, regardless of our different approaches. I'll send someone out to find it in Oz.

  • Yes definitely worth reading it as prep for any ride across the nullarbor, but it's kinda worth £8 rather than £35!

  • Well, yeah, that £32 ebay/ama price was bollocks which was why I left it for now.

  • Sign up for this considering it’s technically no longer a race is still cool. Hope DragonFaceTM Make it a race again soon.

  • Still on my bucket list...

  • I think it's unlikely because of the insurance issues - as discussed above on here.

    It's a shame for Jesse as he put a lot into setting this up, got probably the strongest field there's ever been to start an ultra-race, and it blew up in his face.

    It's surviving as a ghetto event largely because Ryan is promoting it. If he doesn't do it, it might become even more niche. Or maybe it might bounce back next year now that the shadow of Mike's inquest has passed. It would be good to see it thrive.

  • Unfortunate choice of phrase, given the driving out there...

  • I was actually going to write 'kick the bucket list' but stopped myself. But fuck it, they're shit drivers, why not call it out.

  • Yeah I totally get the insurance issue and everything Jesse has went through with the Mike inquest possible legal action and what not.

    I think that's why I would love to see it a race again, For Jesse, I dont know why but I have always been more captivated by this race than any other. Maybe the original marketing or whatever but always seemed... Better? more human anyway.

  • I think some of that is down to how well Jesse marketed it before the start.
    Without any disrespect to other people running other events, Jesse is a successful businessman with the ability, and the resources, to pull off a decent launch. He invested a good amount of money at it, way more than other events. Even the ones run by professional companies don't have people of his ability behind them. Combine that with loads of genuine enthusiasm on his part, and it was incredibly appealing.

  • They are off then. Ryan and a newcomer out front.

  • Rhino slowing because his knee has blown.

    If your knee blows every year I suggest the bikefit you’re using isn’t fit for purpose.

  • Yes, or maybe the knee isn't fit for purpose!

    Shame for him as he reckoned he was in good shape this year and has improved his approach, slimmed down the luggage, done better prep, etc.

    If he can't do it in future the numbers might dwindle further as his enthusiasm has helped to keep it going.

  • One of them was because he used the wrong pedals so it wasn't a fitter issue. Maybe that caused longer damage or maybe he just can't pace well. I fucked mine in the last TABR because I put the seatpost in wrong height, even had it marked.. shit happens.

  • Your sensibility is ruining my fragrant disregard for other opinions. Please refrain.

    I think @frank9755 Jesse or Curve may pick this up as a race again now the hearing etc has finished. Well I’m hoping for that anyway.

  • I wouldn't bet on it!
    I reckon insurance is the issue

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Indian Pacific Wheel Race - IndiPac - IPWR

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