Lee Valley Velodrome - Is it fulfilling its legacy promises?

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  • I stopped going, coz I can't afford it, even though I live 5 minutes away.

  • I speak to these guys a lot. They get a lot of their money from workshop services. They're an LBS. I spoke to the cyclesurgery lot quite a lot, and they get loads of tourist types who just come in, have a browse and then walk off. A lot of people from the park come in as passers by too.

    I think if you get that niche right, like the Track, road race or BMX crowd you'd be flying. You'd think they'd have done their homework.

  • I agree! They are dead helpful. I once rounded a seatpost bolt, they rummaged around and gave me a spare for free. The guy that runs it also does like rides every few weeks as an east village community thing.

  • It's there and that what is my LBS I never went to buy anything at Cycle Surgery. Pave Velo is Much more local friendly

  • My bottom bracket died at a track session. It's only a GXP but Cycle Surgery had none in stock. Went round the corner to Pave Velo and had a choice of several :)

    Really helpful and nice vibe there.

  • Took my mum to the Good Friday meet for her birthday and though we had fun it was really poorly attended. The final presentation was watched by precisely 7 of us (and salt in the wounds one of the stewards was trying to get us to leave during it) .

    Seemed that most of the spectators were friends/family of the riders and they largely packed up when their loved ones had finished their final event. It was a lovely sunny day so I'm sure that had some impact but I was really shocked. Full Gas Cycling usually put on well attended event right- I wonder what went wrong. Did anyone go last year, and if so what was it like?

    I miss it happening at HHV.

  • Wow, just 7? How big was the attendance during the main event?

    I always thought it was a shame it left Herne Hill and I haven't attended since.

  • I worked this event. Underwhelming would be a huge understatement. It didn't seem significantly different from a Winter Track League evening. Can I ask how much tickets were? My guess was excessive ticket prices combined with the glorious weather.

    Edit: @Oliver Schick I've heard they sold 700 tickets for the event. I think LV Velodrome can seat 8000 6750. Also the final presentation was at 8pm which seems unnecessarily late

  • Shame, hope they're going to be able to continue!

  • £15 a piece. HH used to be 12 or so I think.

    @Oliver Schick maybe 300 at peak (I counted 100 on one section and reckon it was just over double that in total) there were more riders and people inside the oval than in the spectator seats.

  • All the non UCI events that get put on at Glasgow are really poorly attended.

    The UCI ones usually get advertised so attract a bit more attention.

    Think it’s hard for organisers to find a balance between what they charge spectators and what they have to pay out for stewards to oversee them. The more spectators they have the more stewards they need so I think a lot sort of would rather not bother with spectators and just budget around entry fees.

    At HHV it might have been a bit more ‘old school’ in terms of ‘elf n safety.

    And, IMO, putting hours and hours of individual pursuits into events doesn’t exactly encourage the spectators.

  • New taster session format?


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Lee Valley Velodrome - Is it fulfilling its legacy promises?

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