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  • Designers get to have their fun. Who's into marketing? And what sort?

    We do content down in Brighton but have landed a new client that's involving us a lot more in their digital buying side and it's both horrifying and fascinating. They're spending more money than I thought people even had on Facebook and Google ads.

    Thought it would be useful to have a place to ask questions and feedback, talk about projects, post jobs/requests etc rather than AQA which gets swamped with MDCC posts about round objects.

    I'll start. Anyone using Sizmek?

  • Don't tell me I've got to do some PPC to get you in.

  • @Tenderloin and @umop3pisdn do search related shiznit.

    I'm quite interested in how freelancers and small businesses position, market and generate leads.

    Basically, I'll lurk here if someone posts some content :)

  • Ooooh, PPC.

  • Much pay very per.

  • Copywriter for a marketing agency here. Howdy.

  • My thang: convincing clients that complex ideas don't necessarily need to be described in complex language.

  • ^

    Lost count of the number of scripts we've written/ had signed off by management level client (that read pretty well) only to have produced video content eventually viewed by top dogs weeks later who rewrite as utter gibberish and demand a re-voice.

  • I run a marketing analytics agency in the South West (of England not London), so it's might job to say what does and doesn't work...

  • It might be of interest to someone on here; my company (insurance broker based in the City) has an opening for a "marketing and media assistant" to join our marketing team.

    The role requires approx. 1-2 years’ marketing experience which needs to include working within the social media arena.

    If you're interested or know someone you feel would be suitable then please pm me.

  • Lost count of the number of scripts we've written/ had signed off by management level client (that read pretty well) only to have produced video content eventually viewed by top dogs weeks later who rewrite as utter gibberish and demand a re-voice.

    Hah, I lived this for around two months of this current quarter.

  • Is there marketing data for likely effectiveness of online marketing? I.e. audience % engagement, % conversion etc?

    Reason I ask is a partner org of ours (with about 170,000 followers) tweeted in error that we had a free offer on, a tweet that has still not been pulled. I'm surprised we've had very little contact regarding uptake of this offer, given how much folks like free stuff.

  • Anyone come across Filmily? Trying to fathom whether they pay the people (the fans) doing the actual filming for use of their footage or not. I suspect not as they're broadcasting practicality as-live. I'm sure they'd argue that "It's the client's event, the small print says the footage is ours" but that seems morally iffy even for marketers.

  • We've got a recruitment video an fmcg client wants to get seen by a lot of entry-level job seekers across a county. They're recruiting for 100 jobs in a production facility. We don't know much about the job seekers beyond that and are currently considering how to get it in front of them (helpfully asked by client after production had finished). Facebook leading the pack at the moment but could do paid search. Others?

    Separately but vaguely linked, has anyone found the golden egg for restaurant recruitment yet? Seems a problem waiting to be solved by someone.

  • Do you have 1st party data/lookalikes to target? Surely LinkedIn ads is a no brainier vs fb (unless production = factory rather than studio…)?

    Dv360/YouTube if entry level = younger demographic based on subject area/general popular culture terms?

  • Thanks. Have nothing but assumptions at this stage. Yep, production = food factory so LinkedIn isn't screaming at me. YouTube a good about but will have to see if I can glean more info to target properly.

  • To be honest for that kind of role I’d find it hard to believe people are in it for the love of it. If it’s nationwide ads then perfect case for some regional testing on specific vs general keywords to see what sticks. Or use programmatic affinity audiences/in-market segments/geodem sets to target broad match and let the platforms self-optimise.

  • hard to believe people are in it for the love of it.

    This. It's a nice enough place as these things go but it's factory based, hard physical work, long hours, above living wage and some perks if you like dairy, in a rural and deprived area. No one is going to be traveling more than 50 miles to get there I would hope so I think geodem as good as any. Will chat to them tomorrow and try to learn more. Thanks again.

  • Can anybody recommend any social media management companies?

    The organisation I'm at have about 20+ accounts which all need sorting out ideally through something like Hootsuite and a chunk of content created and scheduled.

  • Never realised I was tagged in this thread 5 years ago 😞

    I work in performance marketing generating customers ‘leads’ for businesses. Been doing it 10 years. Like to think I know a bit.

  • Not sure if it’s exactly what you’re aiming for/what they do but I’ve had good experience working with Strawberry Social for day-day management/community engagement type stuff. This was in addition to in house teams doing much of the creation, then outsourced the engagement aspect

  • I know people who have used Born social and said good things. No experience myself I’m afraid

  • @C4r1s I'll have a look at strawberrysocial the community engagement and not for profit aspect is quite appealing.

    @Tenderloin performance marketing generating customers 'leads' sounds pretty interesting.

    It's for an education organisation, which doesn't really have any strategy or has had any organisation in the way of social media. To be blunt, it all appears to have been a bit mismanaged through the years. They've around 20 accounts across different platforms for different departments/campaigns of which some have been neglected and abandoned. The majority of posts are organic, although there is the option for some budget to be attached, depending on the campaign. Essentially, a lot of the work, is getting people back into work and onto training courses, post covid, with targets and funding streams available. But, as it's organic and there's been no strategy it's not really produced much, if any results. Added to this, there's an internal perception that anything posted onto social media will get millions of views in seconds.

    But, the accounts are all a mess. Many are setup by individuals with logon's as their individual email addresses, but some of the people left the organisation years ago, which is proving a problem with two factor verification. Also, they've been trying to manage the accounts on an individual basis rather than use a management tool. And it all needs sorting asap.

  • Bit fucking late m9

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