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  • Current bikes, with pictures at latest stage:
    Charge Plug 1

    Cannondale CAAD2 R500

    Cannondale CAD1 M200 SE

    Cannondale CAAD8 Optimo R900

    Copperhead Pursuit 4 of 15

    Affinity Kissena

    On-One Inbred

    Fort Track 7005
    (images to come)

  • ignore this post, was from a different project!

  • Got a message from @penguinspring today, paint on my frame is done! So happy with how it's came out too. Decals are all painted too.

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  • Ah cool. Didn't know you were on here man. Now I can link you with the forum name. Yeah looking forward to your build of this.

  • frame does look nice.

  • MTB is now sold, and pursuit is at my LBS ready to be built up tomorrow. Stoked to get it finished finally.

  • getting there now, got everything on except the pedals and chain. I haven't really done this frame and forks much justice yet, but it'll come with time

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  • Stage 1 :)

  • Stage 1 :)

  • Looks cool. Pictures aren't working for me on the last two post :/

  • Ah, two seconds

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  • Looks good! Why the lack of foot retention on one side though?

  • I'm terrible at getting into straps, haha. I have actually got another one to throw on- just haven't got round to it yet.

  • Needs a silver seatpost imo

  • Ideal situation, i'd have a silver nitto post- some silver SG75's and a Dura ace chainring, cog and lockring. It doesn't look quite right at the moment overall but I'm hoping to fix it soon

  • I'm the same. Maybe you should try clipless? You need proper foot retention if you're riding brakeless!

  • That's something i've been thinking about, I just don't know anything about it all- although having size 12 feet makes things rather expensive in the shoe department usually, haha.

  • Once you go clipless you'll never look back man...
    Especially you go for spd`s with something like a dmr shoe at the start.

  • Clipless is loads of fun! Makes stopping when brakeless much easier as well. I'm sure you could find a second hand pair of shoes and pedals cheap in the classifieds on here! Mountain bike shoes like spd or time atac are much better for still being able to walk around in than road shoes like SPD-SL or look. Either way, I wouldn't ride brakeless with only one pedal strap, it'd be a shame to crash a nice bike like that!

  • tried my ma40 on the front today (tape is from painting the brake track), really enjoy how it looks with the black rims, will have to grab the rear back off my dad soon.

    cheap crankset didn't like my bottom bracket so i'm gonna upgrade to omniums or 75's(if i can get a arms+bb combo for like 150 quid)

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  • Ah, fresh plans for this one. Bought some ITM pursuit bars recently for it, need to buy some royal blue benotto tape for them. Also need a non QR axle for my front wheel as well as a NOS NMSW ma40 to match the untouched rear one. 28c Paselas/Gravel Kings, paint matched fork now that my dad has the facilities to do it for me instead of having to pay someone for it. SR Royal Crankset and a SR seatpost with a blue suede concor to match, and then possibly a blue CK headset for it.

    Just need to make the cash to get the ball rolling now- money for my CAAD2 should be in by the 15th so i'll have money to start things with this.

  • Super anti because of the wheels, bar + saddle angle and pedals- but it's pretty much there once all of these things are rectified. SPD-SL shoes are coming next week, will need to source pedals and cleats. Nice photos incoming too.

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  • Wheels look fine just desticker them. What seat post is that fitted?

  • They're provisionally sold so I can't do that, haha.

    Seatpost is a cheap 'm-wave' one- nothing special

  • Oh shame would look good and thanks! I need one in a 27.0 think I might have to get a 27.2 and get 0.1 milled off it!

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ldphotoworks' projects

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