Jones loop bars without the cost

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  • It works fine with a bigger carradice as well:

    (Perhaps not the best pictures as the bag is loaded past capacity but you get the idea)

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  • Fuck yeah. Thanks man.

  • Humpert Boomerang is only a fiver too.­BHUBOOM

  • Incredibly quick delivery from PX.

    Boomerang bars look tiny in comparison. Pretty nice though. Going to put them on the Mrs' bike. She doesn't want wide bars.

    Good to see they've stopped putting 'Wolves did it!" on the bars.

    Also got some of the own brand Ourys. Not bad.

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  • Has anyone tried the PX Mike bars in comparison with the Geoff? Look similar in profile (more like Jones H bars) without the front section, slightly narrower & less sweep (but more rise) - was going to order some for £10 but if the Geoff are more useful for attaching stuff to then i'll grab those while the £15 offer lasts, not for any mad touring expedition - just for a hack bike / child mobile

  • Nope but I've got a set of Mary's. Which are good and very similar. Mike looks nicer though.

  • Grand - I think the Mike's are effectively the 31.8mm clamp version of the Mary, probably won;t make much difference if I go for them or the Geoff - the bar offer appears to have been extended, was supposed to end last night - that'll give me time to pick an assortment of lurid £3 socks to stock up on too...

  • They make Marys in 31.8mm. Mike is different in that its almost all backsweep. Marys sweep forward then back to allow you to run the same length stem as you would with a flat bar (hand position being roughly the same, albeit a different angle - In other words the reach should be about the same). To replicate a flat bar position with a Mike you'd need a longer stem. I'd imagine they're lighter too.

  • Yeah you're right - had another look & noticed that - ended up ordering the Geoff as they were still cheap (and the obligatory half dozen inner tubes & some wild socks) wider = betterer right? Plus there'll be bells / lights etc. etc hanging off it so more space for bar furniture might be handy and the backswept bits aren't too useful for lights

    Now I need a bar bag to fill with enough snacks to appease an angry 2 year old who thinks a nice cycle through the countryside is a load of horse-shit (She can get into the rucksack & demolish all the good stuff before I even notice ...)

  • wider = betterer right

    Its certainly trendy right now.

    I find my Fu-manchus wide enough, but got the Geoff to try something a bit wider (I can't remember the fmc width but I think they're around 40mm narrower) .

  • 660mm for the Fu Manchus vs 720mm for the Geoffs I think. I couldn't get on with the FMs, but then I usually ride 800mm on my MTB.

  • Just ordered some boomerang bars for the same purpose yesterday :)

  • I have a brand new set of Fu Man Chu bars if anyone wants a set and is in London? For whatever they cost me

    Sold my other MTB and already have a set of jones loops

  • Thanks. I wasn't keen at first. I also still don't think they look that ace. Previously I had some Gusset Stash bars (­ems-grips/stash-bars/) which look pretty similar to the On-one Mikes. But I actually like the extra bar space for attaching bags to when required (got a tent and all my clothes on the bars for a recent trip). Plus I've got used to the extra backsweep.

  • FYI the Mike bar is now only £10. I'm sure it was more yesterday.­one-mike-handlebar

  • Classic PX with daily price fluctuations.

  • The Mike appears to be a copy of the Fairdale Archer v2 which, if is to be believed, are a pretty close match for the Jones loop in terms of reach and sweep. They do have a bit more rise though. I've got a pair on my daily dadbike and I like them a lot, the create a very relaxed, high, almost Dutch-bike setup.

    The Archers do bend forward as far as the Mary's, which is useful for mounting a light out front, but they have more sweep and a longer, so their reach isn't as long.

  • I bought a set of archers on the basis of whatbars, but found the end result very different from the Jones bars they were supposed to be replacing. Too much rise to be an equivalent.

    Tried putting them on my dadbiek but found all my cables were too short to accommodate so now they are languishing in the shed. If anyone wants them for cheap drop me a message.

  • Don't suppose anyone is selling some Koga Denham bars?

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Jones loop bars without the cost

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