Jones loop bars without the cost

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  • Nice, I ummmm’d and ahhhh’d on them and missed out on the original run so decided to get some used Titec J Bars which came up on eBay for £50 (rather than pre order them for the next batch) and agree with your sentiments on price.

    For <£50 they’re great, but at the price the ‘full Jones’ bars are new, I can’t see the value.

  • Do I stay at work until delivery? On my MTB so could fit them to ride home too if I do!

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  • Hanging about for a Yodel delivery is always a fool's errand.

  • When did you guys order? I'm still waiting for stock to come in

  • It's the hope that kills...

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  • ffs

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  • I’ve had some random bars not what I ordered sent me by PX before.

  • Credit to them, Yodel did their bit.

  • PS can anybody definitively state why loop bars exist? I’ve asked around. People shuffle their feet and mumble incoherently.

    Surely they’re the most pointless fad ever (I’ll be ordering some soon then)?

  • I got some because when I'm bikepacking the bar bag has been compressing my brake cables (old school) and messing up the braking. I'm hoping hanging stuff on the loop will solve that. My bike now looks like an abomination though. They're meant to give more hand positions which is good for bikepacking too.

    Mind you the new bars mean I need to recable the bike. Bugger. Only just did it as well...

  • Pretty much as soon as ordering opened a couple of months back

  • Angle of bars and for the loop, I put two bottle holders in the gap and they don't budge, mostly though it's the hand positions they offer. I can stretch out but still control the bike if I want to.

  • hand positions

    I suppose that is something I ought to have figured.

  • I think the original reason Jones designed them was for the 45 degree backsweep, which is part of his unique approach to bike geometry. When you hold them at the outside of the bars your weight also moves back and you are fairly upright on the bike.

  • 45 degree backsweep

    Thanks for background. Genuinely interested (as well as trolling you all obvs)

  • Unlikely but anyone got any alpkit/on one loop bars for sale? Any indication on restock timeline on the on one site?

  • I've got a pair of LoveMud Confucious bars if you're interested? Taken them off in favour of my Titec J Bars and in pretty decent condition.

  • That's quite a long fad... Jeff has been making and refining his bars for nearly 15 years. :)
    He has a couple of good videos on YouTube explaining the development from the original H bar to the loop version.

  • Ah am after some of the swept back ones in the style of geoff. Thanks tho, may get in contact if on one restock is taking ages

  • Guessing no one's Geoff bars have arrived yet?

  • They did arrive. No bike to put them on though...


    Something between the VeloOrange Crazybar and the Moloko by Surly. 34degree and horns that resemble a position as on the hoods with 400m width. Produced by Koga, available through their dealers.
    I like the Idea behind those.

  • Yeah I like those. Hoods position + comfy risers position = good

  • Mine will be better just wait ;)

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Jones loop bars without the cost

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