We are the Bowmen/women - Bowman Cycles Appreciation Thread

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  • Hi,
    Would you have a set of through axels from a Bowman Weald?


  • Hi, I do, I can pop the pair of them in the post for you for £15 if you like?

  • Hi Jamie,
    That would be great. Can you give me your email and I will send you my address.
    I assume I use your PayPal details from a previous post?

  • No problem, rockingbread@gmail.com


  • Sad times... my Palace Disc was making a nasty creaking noise, tried a few things to sort it but to no avail. Was concerned, mainly from this thread in all honesty, that it could be something more fatal - took it to the bike shop to check over and lo and behold, cracked frame in the area mentioned above around chainstay bridge... so RIP Bowman, it was fun :(

    Time to go shopping...

  • Hmmm interesting - could get an different colour but otherwise like for like replacement for not a huge amount of outlay, but potentially risk going through the whole loop again if the replacement was to break in future.... tempting and yet not...!

  • This is the frame I considered but have decided not to go for, by the way in case anyone's interested - a decent bargain for someone subject to above concerns about cracking!


  • Hi guys first time post. Impulsively purchased a Bowman Palace 3C frame on ebay for £240. I live under a rock and had no idea about the chainstay Bridge problems. Have I made a huge error ? Eagerly awaiting my frame to arrive in the post on weds.

    Are there any good examples of the frame where they haven't cracked ? I've found about 20 reports on various threads and forums all showing chainstay cracks.

  • If they're an unconnected new company with no links to the old outfit, as they state at the bottom of that post, why would you associate yourself with a tainted name and all the baggage that comes with it...? Very fishy... Also, if they're a new company they're not "back"... Weird 🤷🏼♂️

  • why would you associate yourself with a tainted name

    I would imagine the 'knowledge' of Bowman's issues is pretty limited to bike nerds across various forums, and plenty of people buy Cracknyon*

    The blog does certainly read like someone trying to bicycle brand/company for the first time

    *saw this reference for the first time in years on this forum earlier

  • the designs/IP and Brand still have a value if you are starting a bike brand from scratch, which contrary to popular opinion is way harder than people assume especially if you are dealing with Taiwan or Italy.

    They do seem a bit naive to dealing with manufacturers though from reading their website, but good luck to them, at least it wasn’t bought by Planet-X.

    Pre Covid/Global supply bike chain issues/Hambrini the brand had legs
    still see people ragging their Palace’s round Palace...

  • I still love my Footscray. I wish the new owners all the success in getting the brand back on its feet. Hambini is problematic in his own right.

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We are the Bowmen/women - Bowman Cycles Appreciation Thread

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