• Sadly Bowman entered liquidation early this month



  • Boo!

  • Sad news - loved my original Palace, love my Palace 3 even more... great bikes

  • If anyone's keen you can bid on the last ever bowman frames from their liquidation auction.

    or a giant box of derailleur hangers, or a box of cycling caps etc.


  • Love that all the forks are backwards.

  • Hi, I bought the pallet of bits and bobs so have a number of hangers if anyone needs them. And like all the other spares. I just have to sort through them and figure out what's what, then I'll be popping them on eBay. I definitely have some Palace Rs, some Pilgrims and Pilgrims Disc and I think some Foots Cray hangers too.

    Message me I guess if you have anything you need, you might need to send a photo of it so I can find it though 😄

  • Possibly, might be interested in one or two as a spare but depends how much you're looking at, assume you're looking to turn a decent profit on it all? I have a Palace 3 Discca, can photograph the thru axle end / hanger from it. What did you get in the lot aside from hangers?

  • Bearings, grommets, seat clamps, loads of bowman branded things like topcaps and frame emblems. There's boxes of specific little washers, blanking plates for the through frame cabling, cable routing doobies, loads of weird shit I wouldn't even have thought of when building a bike. I can't see myself ever using those bits so I might pop them down to the lbs and garner myself a future discount.
    I'm not looking to make a fortune off this, was more hoping there'd be the bits I needed to build a bike for the wife and me but nah, I reckon the boxes of good bits were accidently left in someone's van! I've got the hangers on for a tenner each on eBay so just let me know what you need, we can bank transfer and I'll send them out to you.

  • ok, interesting thanks - I'll take a look

  • Are there any headsets in there?

  • Yes, there's a whole crate of headset components, but they're all so mixed up I reckon I can still hear the bastard laughing as he tipped them all into one box, even though I'm hundreds of miles and at least a month away... Some things just echo like that.

    If you can send me the dimensions and maybe even a picture or diagram of what you need I can see what I can pull together.

  • Ha yeah that’s why I didn’t bid on that box in the end. There’s probably a goldmine in there if you’ve the patience

    I’ll take apart my other bowman headset tomorrow and photograph it

  • Right, I have three bags pre- labelled as Palace 3, Palace 3c, and Weald kit, each consisting of a headset and seat clamp plus a flat mount adapter for the two disc bikes so I'm pretty sure I can put together any of those. If you have a different Bowman bike you'll need the send me a photo and dimensions to make sure I put together the right headset for you!

    First half dozen hangers posted off today... Hope you guys are happy with them. I also stuck a little Bowman headtube badge in each one just because I have a whole box of them 😁

  • Ah grand - I’ll take a Weald kit off you please. How much?

    Question- have you put stuff up on eBay already? I bought a couple of hangers and a clamp yesterday from a seller with the word flaming in the name?

  • Yep, twas I, my first business on coming back to the UK was wood fired catering, loads of fun but unpredictable income. I've since had a deli, which is again great food but being stuck in a shop for four years was boring af and left me feeling stabby. It does though explain my PayPal name, https://paypal.me/DeliDeliveryGB . I now have a wholesale bakery, which means early starts but gives me the afternoons to ride bikes and buy shit at auction houses.

    Ok, so the headset kits seem to go for £30, the seat clamp £8, and the Flat Mount Adapter £14. The seat clamp for the Weald is thicker than the Palace R one and 1.3mm smaller. Shall we say £40 for the lot? If so I'll get it in the post to you tomorrow.

  • Sounds good - DMing now

  • I'd be keen for a headtube badge or any stickers if there were any kicking about?

  • I have Bowman headtube badges but no stickers or decals. The other Bowman branded things are headset caps, seatclamps, and some flat mount adapters, and an orange lightweight neck warmer by Attacus with a big B in a circle.

  • Heya. I’m looking for a pilgrims disc derailleur hanger if you have one?

  • I think so, at least I have a box with pilgrims disc and pilgrim labels, but the hangers were mixed up. Does it look like either of these?

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    • PXL_20220321_210551181.jpg
  • Yeah the one on the left is it. I’ll dm you, thanks.

  • So that leaves the right-hand hanger being either Pilgrims rim or Foots Cray... Anyone know?

  • Hey mate, just picked up a couple of the Palace 3 hangers, the buyer from Muswell Hill. Do you have one of the redundant cable port blanking plates - the equivalent of this without the cable hole, it's for the drive side, where there is no gear cable running into frame due to DI2? If so, let me know how much and you can chuck it in with the hangers?

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  • Yes, I have some of those.how many were you after?

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