• I wouldn't bet on the palace:r taking anything bigger than 25. The rear brake bridge it's just stupidly placed.

  • It seems pretty good so far. It only routes through the downtube and exits just by the BB, so no funny angles. Deent compressionless outers should keep it from being too sloppy.

    @mattspare - loving it so far. Bought it for audaxing as it had almost identical geo to my audax bike, but lighter and a little lower. Got some carbon wheels coming soon (with dyno hub) so should be a good km killer!

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    • 20210318_121429-01.jpeg
  • Got the frame cheap off eBay for a 2020 crit season cheap build but as Covid put a stop to that it's now the daily driver with posh bits while I get the other bike resprayed / built / wait for Shimano etc.

    Need to sort the Di2 cable out when I can be arsed, will likely route out of the other side and heatshrink it to the rear brake cable.

  • Apart from the barbag that looks perfect for crits!

  • was just about to tag you

  • Aye, frame feels great, dead responsive and fast, nice change to my usual steel bikes.

    Dubious about bags but it's pretty handy tbf.

  • Why do road bikes not get a frame bag for the aero advantage, makes you think

    Bike looks good, love a bowmans

  • both are sick. almost bought a weald and now regret not somewhat (stolen winter bike came back to me)

  • Palace at Turners Hill en-route to a criterium yesterday.
    My heels +wide chainstays+ not brilliant paintwork = quite a scuffed chainstay.

    Great bike for 120km with a techy crit in the middle though!

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    • 20210418_111343.jpg
  • Such a lovely bike.

  • Got any drive side snaps?
    edit: just gone back a page. Real nice.

  • Built up this Weald a few months back. It's about to go into winter mode with some 28mm tyres and PDW guards (when I can find some in stock!)

  • That looks great.

  • Does anyone know what’s happened to Bowman? Complete radio silence on all social media and various reports of Palace frames cracking…

  • I don't know but they're excellent people who hand delivered some mudguard parts to my home and went way over and above what could be reasonably be expected to help me when I had an issue in the past. Hope they're OK.

  • Snagged a weald in their summer clearance. worried it might be one of the last frames they sold, but i hope not! they were responsive on emails until end of september but an email i sent early october about derailleur hangers went unanswered

    i've got mudguards to fit (kinesis fend-offs) but think i'll need some smaller tyres than the 30s ive got on atm. i'll also need to lose some material from the mudguards as well looking at the clearance under the fork and at the seatstays

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    • PXL_20211106_100604161.jpg
  • Has anyone run 650b wheels on a Pilgrims Disc? Wondering what kind of tyre size I could get in there. I tried emailing Bowman but as mentioned above not had any response back so far.

  • I think I tried it in the past with a knobbly 41mm and I can't remember if it fit. I think maybe I concluded a 42mm slick would be okay. I've just fitted mudguards, otherwise I'd try it again (maybe I will though)

    This article has a photo of one with 38mm on but the BB's already really low on these so I don't know if you'd want to go down that far: https://girodilento.com/bowman-pilgrims-­disc/

    (I think that's version 1? Mine is V2)

  • Here's a GK 650b 42mm on a 21mm internal. 2mm clearance on the fork, plenty at the back.* I think if one wanted to do this the best option is to try to find a road A2C fork that will take a bigger tyre - you might even get away with a 47mm then

    This is V1, not V2 as I said above

    * two points: a) ignore the mudguards, it's the width that is tight b) my flatmate is using my rear wheel so that's the front jammed in at very close to the right place

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    • PXL_20211110_112324297.MP.jpg
    • PXL_20211110_112312486.MP.jpg
    • PXL_20211110_112741175.MP.jpg
  • Thanks, that's useful info.
    What I want to do is have two wheel sets that I can interchange with the minimum of fuss. So a 700 set for tarmac and the 650b with knobbly tyres for off road. So looking at tyre options of around 40mm I guess

  • https://road.cc/content/news/absolute-cl­usterfk-bowman-cycles-supply-issues-2879­63

    This explains the situation.
    Angry people always gonna be angry.
    Given the post covid environment business are trying to operate in,would be great to people being more forgiving and supporting local enterprises that are trying to do something different.

  • Sad to hear about the issues they're having, supply chains everywhere are totally fucked...

    Here's my Weald in winter/audax mode.

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    • 20211212_191951-01.jpeg
  • dope. i almost bought one of these are regret not.

    does anyone know if they are likely to come back?

  • Does anyone have a hookup for Palace R derailleur hangers from a third party or someone who could make some one-offs? Seems I'm not likely to get one direct from Bowman.

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We are the Bowmen/women - Bowman Cycles Appreciation Thread

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