We are the Bowmen/women - Bowman Cycles Appreciation Thread

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  • I have the palace:r and I really like it. The 3c seems like the same thing with modern tire clearances and some cosmetic changes

  • Would be more taken with it if it said "Bowman" on the side. Overall paint is bland yet busy.

  • Looking again the with VAT price is a bit steep and is almost CAAD13 territory which would fit me better.

    Keen to stick with 28's so I guess I'll keep searching for a CAAD12 which is AFAIK the only comparable Ali frame for the same budget.

  • I'd really like the CAAD13 if it wasn't for the high stack. Direct mount brakes and mudguards are a win.
    You may also have a look at the trek emonda ALR. Cracking purple paint but again, high stack.
    That said, high stack should be a plus for 90% of people that would need spacers on stupidly aggressive bikes like the CAAD12 or Allez Sprint.

  • That said, high stack should be a plus for 90% of people that would need spacers on stupidly aggressive bikes like the CAAD12 or Allez Sprint.

    Oh hi! Yep if I go CAAD12 I'll need to size down and use a 25mm cone spacer. The stack on the 13 is a win for my T-rex arms. The Trek is nice but phalic headtube is phalic.

  • Has anyone tried a Palace Disc or a Weald? The cycling industry marketing hype is starting to convince me that I need a fast road bike with disc brakes...

  • You don't.

  • Finally finished my Palace 3 Disc last night. Red/Force 1X AXS with Hope highlights and Pro Vibe cockpit. All good on the shakedown ride today, needs a few adjustments before racing on Saturday at Cyclopark. I'll report in more detail next week!

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  • Needs handlebar bag

  • Looks great. What you got for gearing? I was thinking in doing just that, but the old palace:r have integrated FD hanger.

  • Thanks! 48 x 10-28

    I have a 10-33 for if I ever forget who I am and enter a hilly race...

  • Joined the club. Mish mash of parts look pretty awful but the few short rides I’ve done have been positive

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  • This colour looks way better than I expected!

    I wasn’t sure about the Weald’s graphics but maybe they’re better in-person. Anybody built one up?

  • Really like the colour - do you think a 32c would squeeze in btw?

  • I thought it would be more black bit I like the way it turned out!
    I think 32s would just about fit but you might be better off with a Weald? The Palace isnt uncomfortable at all but it is definitely a race bike.

  • Cheers that's helpful. I'm after something from the UK(ish), disc and at least as fast as my Ultimate so think the Palace might fit the bill without being £££. Wider clearance always a bonus for when I get slow.

  • @Netakure @croft , is the Bowman recommendation of max 25mm tyre for the Palace R correct? The blurb for the standard Palace states 28mm (which is about right as i can't fit my 29mm Corsa's on mine) so i'm surprised they've reduced clearance for the R.

    I like my Palace but feel the size isn't quite right it's irking me it's not an R. Wouldn't mind chasing down an R but max 25mm tyres puts me off just for the fact i would need to buy new tyres.

  • This is really nice, how are you getting on with it?

    Tempted by the 3c rim on vouchers for the added clearance.

  • Another question..Is this a 56? Stack and reach seem to come up fairly small in Bowman's sizing

  • Supposedly 28mm (depending on the tyre) but I wouldn't dice it with anything other than a 25mm on the Palace R. Don't think they really improved the clearance compared to the OG Palace.

  • I really like it. Feels stiff and light and it has good geometry. Mine's a 58 which is what I would ride in most other brands. Headtube is a bit long for a race bike but a -17 stem with no spacers has sorted that.

  • Thanks. For some reason the Palace website is stating 28mm for the Palace and 25mm for the Palace R. I've just spoken to someone who is running the same rim width tyre combo as me on there R (25c GP4000, 27mm) and they said it fits so i guess they're the same. We both have to deflate the tyre to get it in the frame but once it's in it runs fine.

    From what i can see online the R is worth the upgrade, might just hold off and get a 3c when i can afford it though.

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We are the Bowmen/women - Bowman Cycles Appreciation Thread

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