Cycle Training UK has been delivering Transport for London’s Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) 'Safe Urban Driving' accredited practical course for the last four years. The 7 hour course contributes towards the legal training requirement of 35 hours that each professional driver must take in order to retain their professional driving licence. From April 1 2017 TfL has stipulated that lead instructors who want to deliver the practical element of Driver CPC must have attend a NSID course.

    Understand the aims of Driver CPC
    Understand how this course fits in with the training competencies
    Managing challenging driver behaviour — negative and positive
    Publications and schemes supporting freight in London
    Deliver aspects of the cycle training module

    Wed March 1st
    Sunday March 5th
    Booking here:

  • I'm bumping this.
    There are some spaces left for next week's course.

  • I'll take one for the 5th, just need to find a spare moment to fill in a booking.

  • Excellent...

  • I'm rushing between jobs Croydon am Camden pm, I'll get a chance to do it tomorrow after the wfw session.

  • Done. Given the tfl stipulations I'll likely never deliver an SUD as I don't intend to drive or get a license but I'm sure the teaching methods might come in handy. As competent as an average driver isn't very competent so I doubt this will hinder the training.

  • Why are instructors now obliged to have a driving license?

  • Unnecessary IMO though FORS and the driver training community think it may help cycle trainers to emphasise more with drivers.
    Just the Lead needs one on any SUD course

  • So five minutes on a bike for the drivers is enough but we have to have a license? And only have driven a car, not an HGV. And possibly not have driven one for years or on the routes the HGV drivers use. Sounds remarkably silly and will exclude a good many capable instructors. It also reinforces a false equivalency between what drivers and cyclists experience and the need to 'see it from the drivers' point of view'. Disappointing.

  • Completely agree and have been attempting to get that stipulation removed

  • Or just get Otter to return to his former life as a driving instructor and he has a ready made client list.

  • Also a wonderful example of the redundancy of the @ reply function. Though my doctor tells me it's better that I stay away from thinking about that matter.

  • So the @ reply isn't a competency required for posting on this forum. Good!

  • It's the helmet of posting.

  • You just need a license, I could if I wanted take a theory test asap and pass that with flying colours then as I've driven a car off road/private land before and was able to drive it then take the test and scrape a pass. License in hand so go back to the plan of never get behind the wheel of a car again. Would the experience make me any better/worse of an instructor? no. Would I gain any road knowledge? no. Could I wipe with the license? no it's laminated.

  • Had awful weather but very fun day with a rather broad range of teaching points across the 2 back to back courses. Things learned will sure be useful with some points applicable to many other areas of teaching.

  • Good to meet you @clockwise. Thanks for feedback. We managed to dodge most of the showers ;)

  • I get to ride this 2 wheel ebike a fair bit. Maybe a risk of trainees dropping eachother as passengers when stopping so load up with bricks instead but I'd say test ride one if you haven't as the feeling is different again, more so the steering being 4ft ahead of the bars.

  • Yes I've ridden one. Took a while to get used to the disconnection between the front wheel and steering

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NSID course - Qualification for Instructors teaching Safe Urban Driving courses from CTUK

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