LEL 2017 / London - Edinburgh - London Audax

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    Which one of you twisted fucker enter?

  • I'm entered and paid up. Not sure if anyone else on here is yet, are you riding it again?

    There is going to be a good turnout from Audax Club Hackney.

    I wonder if @Greenbank is thinking about it?

  • I've signed up!

  • me too.

  • I'm volunteering.

  • Any idea which control yet?

  • Ahh really wanne to do this. Trying to gather cash atm

  • I want to do this. I will enter on the 20th. Joined audax uk in novemeber. If I get in this will be my first audax. Next RAAM if I can find the time.

    Just trying to figure out which bike I should use. how much kit too take? Can I ride 300 miles a day? one way to find out.

  • Nice first audax.

    Can you ride 200 miles a day?

  • London (I effing hope!)

  • 470.

  • Am going to try to sign up on the 20th.

  • yes done that before. Long rides are something I do regularly. One issue is can I eat enough to keep my self going at the pace needed. Can I ride at the pace needed without causing fatigue that means my pace has to drop. Can I get enough sleep?
    I think doing it in 4 to 5 day is doable but tough. Doing it quicker will be even tougher that why I want to try. I am going to have to do a test ride. Wive and daughter are away on holiday without me in feb. I will have to ride up to north and back. That may reset my expectations.

    In terms of kit. All I should need is spare cycling kit and socks, perhaps a spare tyre (I run tubeless tyres), sleeping bag, tolietries and a roll of shit paper. I should be able to pack that into a rack bag which would allow me to use my old trek perhaps.

    I am going to need a dynamo lighting system which means new wheels.

  • I'm in. Started the 2013 edition as my first ever audax and ended up packing 770ish miles in with about twelve hours left before I was out of time. Scores to settle...!

  • I've got a guaranteed place, but I can't decide if I want to enter or not. LEL 2009 was my first really long audax (first SR was 2008), then I did a 1300 in 2010 and PBP in 2011. Took a few years out - fed up of riding that far I guess - and now got a young family. We're moving house soon, and I'm not sure if a week riding my bike is the best use of my holidays when I could be spending it with my wife and kids (or decorating). But, I really miss riding my bike and would like a challenge to get me back into it...

  • In terms of kit. All I should need is spare cycling kit and socks, perhaps a spare tyre (I run tubeless tyres), sleeping bag, tolietries and a roll of shit paper. I should be able to pack that into a rack bag which would allow me to use my old trek perhaps.

    If you're talking about the LEL, then you won't need to pack a roll of shit paper, at every control, there are provision even shower.

    Food are almost plentiful, and the volunteer are amazing people that go out of their way to help, I almost never run out of water because of the control being well situated, nor out of food because they always provide ample supply of fresh fruit and flapjack.

    You can do it, it's exactly what you said, pacing is keys, FWIW, I average 10mph for the entire duration (under 15km/h), including an accidental full night sleep of 9 hours.

    Think of it like this, 200 miles in one day doesn't mean you have to ride that distance in the entire daylight, it including riding through the night until maybe 2am, have a couple hours nap, maybe 4, then set off again with big breakfast.

    I love the 2013 one, and this time I will be even more comfortable with the right saddle, fit, shoes etc.

  • As Ed says, I think there is food every 80k or something, and loads of places to sleep, you can have two bag drops too, so no need to worry about carrying all that.

  • I didn't even bother with bag drops, the organiser have made it really comfortable enough for us to simply focus on riding to the next control.

    For an audax ride, it's an extremely luxurious one.

  • It better be or it becomes a camping trip. Have you ever seen me out up a tent and take it down. The faff. I would need a month if I had to camp.

  • I don't think I've been on the bike since the last LEL... So this year, two weeks after LEL I'm also doing this http://www.superbrevetscandinavia.dk/eng­lish/home.html. Time to start getting my lungs working again I think....

  • I would love to do that ride, is it every four years?

  • Yeah every four.

  • It won't be a camping trip, even when the bed are full, just sleeping on the floor is ample, which is what I did in the beginning of the old 2013 LEL video.

  • Unfortunately it clashes with a holiday to Italy this year, but I will hope to do that next time round, with accommodation and some food, it would make an affordable way to see much more of Scandinavia.

  • After extensive mind changing and negotiation with family I think I am now going to do this. Two days left for audax uk member entry so will probably sign up tomorrow. Slightly concerned that the Southern half of the route will be a bit dull, but hoping the atmosphere makes up for it.

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LEL 2017 / London - Edinburgh - London Audax

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