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  • Managed to get hold of a 953 Madison Genesis race bike, badged up as belonging to James McLaughlin. It's in super decent knick and should be good fit. It's going to be a slow build, because my newly-mudguarded Cannondale is perfect for winter duty. Should be built by summer for racing and smashing about.

    It's designed for electronic groupsets, so in an ideal world, it would get eTap, DA9K brakes and a power crank (probably a Quark), but having checked my bank balance, I think Ultegra 6870 is more likely. Wheels should be 60mm deep, wide as hell and come from China. Still interested in getting a power meter somehow, maybe a Stages or similar so I can use it on the turbo too.

    Finishing kit (at a guess) would be a Thomson Masterpiece, a carbon Romin, Deda Zero100s/Zipp somethings and a Zipp -17 110 stem.


    So - how do I hide all the Di2 cables? New DA9170 bar end junction box?

    Also - what stupid fucking colour should I paint it? If its half as good as 953 is supposed to be, I might even get a professional to do it...

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  • that's a fantastic looking frame. Would you really want to paint it?

  • Paint????

    Great bikes.

  • Yes, absolutely. Death to stock paintjobs.

    Also, why is it not possible to spec your own Di2 group? Nowhere has all the individual bits I want as a groupset to purchase (170 53/39, 11-28). Frustrating.

  • It looks alright as it is. Would probably get rid of the blue and orange bits and the sponsors logos on the stays though.

  • Also, that black stripe down the back of the seat tube looks knacker.

  • F&F + Headset is 2019g, so not superlight. If it comes out under 8kg I won't complain. My Supersix is about 7kg before mudguards, it would be a laugh if my winter bike was lighter...

    at a guess ~2kg for the groupset, ~2.5kg for the wheels... lucky my finishing kit is light. Race weight should be sub 60kg anyway, so I'm not overly fussed about bike weight.

  • etap is not as pricey as you'd think .. but yeah 6870 is budget electronic .. I think its £899 everywhere atm with cashback etc mmmmaybe £850, stages/pioneer is another £400 but that might be cheaper on trade.

    Pro Tharsis XC 6 deg stem and the new Pro Di2 bars (come in all shapes) if you want to hide the junction box. You can even get the battery in steerer.;p­roduct=145574;menu=1000,4,28;p­roduct=145577;menu=1000,4,28­/mtb/stems/PRO_SS_THARSISXC­/road/handlebars/PRO_HA_VIBEALLOY

  • Just the eTap shifting kit is more than £899 at trade... add cranks and brakes and it starts to add up. I've got my eyes on some wheels which might give me the budget space for eTap and Power Cranks, but we'll have to wait and see.

    Who on here has the nice Cielo with the hidden bits? I'm not above drilling shit tbh

    The new bar end junction box is probably the best solution, if I can route other shit internally / hide it.

  • Death to stock paintjobs.

    Polish the whole thing

  • would be nice but also a bit boring...

    I've already got a mirror polished bike. Need something madder.

  • Nice, this is gonna be cool.
    I think keeping the colours the same is a good start for paint - pay homage to its past. Nothing too field cycles wankey either.

  • That frame looks great leave it as it is

  • @jaap but he has drilled fork steerer ..

  • Wow nice piece of hardware!

    Yeah I drilled the handlebars and steerer on the fork.

    The handlebars are drilled at the shifters and stemclamp, so the di2 wires go through the bars into the stem.

    Then drilled the steerer at the (other) stemclamp and at the height of the downtube, though the hard part was drilling my headtube to go into the downtube

    But eventually got this:

    And all put together looks like this:

    Hope this helps, you've got a cool frame to start with! Maybe make it bright blue!?

  • Oh man, I would not drill bars or steerer, not at all.

  • you're not the first to say that, but this has been holding up for almost 2 years of road, gravel and even some MTB trail abuse :)

    This summer I checked all the holes for cracks or other signs of fatigue, but they look as clean as the day I finished the bike.

  • Paint away, too many boring stock builds out there. Who are you thinking of using?

  • What chainring? Looks brutal.
    (Nice build).

  • Project thread? Pedal room? More pics? Questions. Answers. Fetishes.

  • Don't wanna turn MechaMorgans thread into a Cielo Road Racer thread.. So PM me for further questions.

    Project thread: No
    Pedal room: Yes, here
    More pics: Yes, can be seen on the bottom here

  • Good call. Thanks

  • How about a modern version of Chromovelato- a translucent deep wine red over polished steel rather then the chrome they used to use BITD.

  • Nice frame dude! These are so nice!

    I picked up an 853 volare with enve fork a while back, had it blasted last week and gonna do some snazzy paint on it soon.

    Deffo repaint this!

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Morgan's Current Projects - Genesis / Canyon / Pinnacle / Vigorelli

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